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3 years ago
My favourite - one of the greatest. On my wishlist, when I find one that's available, I'll have it.
3 years ago
What a great machine. Deserves to be well up there in the rankings.
3 years ago
2009 model? Really........

Had the pleasure of playing this machine at the Nullabor Roadhouse (look it up!), in Australia's vast outback. The only machine on offer and did not dissapoint. Pretty cool/fun to just jump on and have a run.
3 years ago
Seemingly I need more practice on this!!!! Hahaha.
3 years ago
A rating of 6.97? WTF? I was luck enough to jump onto a playboy fresh out of the shop, played very tight and smooth - felt like new. Simple game to a point, fun to jump on and have a go.
3 years ago
Fairly simple, good flow and a little bit beaten up (not taking this factor into account) - but I really enjoyed playing this when I had the opportunity. Ring that fucking bell............
3 years ago
PIN2000, oh what could have been.....
3 years ago
Not something you can just jump on for a quick game, complete opposite. Very deep rule set. May not appeal to everyone - variation for the win.
3 years ago
Have it. I am bias. Love it.
3 years ago
Most Sharkey's I've ever seen are beaten up fairly good. Knew it was a simple but fun game, recently bought one. Fixed it all up and added LEDS - seriously plays like a new tight pinball machine should, very smooth. Pretty good game to hop on and have a bash. I like it.