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It has started

By undrdog

October 31, 2020

28 days ago

It's happening to me. The first one was just supposed to be a toy.  Had to get some tools and supplies, of course. And a big tool chest on wheels.  The second one was an EM that intrigued me and was supposed to work pretty well, although it wasn't actually working when I got it.  Probably just a dirty leaf switch or relay.  But that had to be it, because I only have room for two machines.  Well, three, actually, but I'd have to lose the work table by the two.

Just discovered Offer Up.  Someone has bingo machines for cheap, posted the ad six months ago.  Wouldn't you know, he still has them.  And, wouldn't you know, he is within a mile of me.  Three of the same.  Different colored backglasses, but the same machines.  Made an offer for one, if I could get the better door from another.  No, he wants to get rid of them all.  If they stay in his warehouse much longer, the glass could get broken.  Turns out, his asking price was for all three.

My wife asks where would we put them?  Well, no one has leased that lease space we have, yet.  We can get all three, cobble together one working machine from the parts of three.  Nice seller.  He has a crew and trailers.  Could bring me all three for even less than his asking price.  He's glad to see them go to a good home.  (I'd showed him pictures of my two machines.)

So, now I have two great machines in my office and a big project in my extra space.

That was two days ago.  Yesterday I remembered that I was meaning to get back to my other hobby, small metal art, because my two machines were up and running so well.

I can see how this all gets started.

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13 days ago

Welcome home lol

11 days ago

Haha love it

10 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Looks like you need to update

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