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By underlord

May 10, 2009

10 years ago

I started collecting pins in 2005...I presently have 6 in my collection, including a 1993 Indiana Jones, all pimped out with TASTEFUL mods, a Revenge from Mars, presently with a Star Wars Episode One NOS conversion kit installed, A completely restored 1987 Bally Dungeons and Dragons with a Bill Davis clearcoated NOS playfield, a restored (by me and the wife) 1992 Williams Getaway with new decals, an Alvin G. and Company Mystery Castle, and the latest acquistion, a Bally Safe Cracker, presently being redecaled in my living room...;)

I have an 11 year old son and a 9 year old daughter, they often bring friends to play, most have never even seen a pinball machine! Just tryin' to keep the values alive is all!


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10 years ago
It's indeed hard to imagine that the "next generation" have never played or even seen a real pinball machine! So many kids missing out on that great silverball gaming while glued to the couch staring at bigscreen TVs playing the next 3d shooter ;-) You're definately keeping the values alive, -applause- !
10 years ago
Ya that's great. Sad but true though! We babysit kids for relatives once in awhile and we play the pins, but they would rather go and play the 'stupid box' aka XBOX, playstations. Don't know about pinball so they don't want to play it.
10 years ago
Same here man, I'm glad your trying to keep values alive. I kind of force my kids to play the machine once and a while...once they get into it it's really awesome to see the reaction on their faces :) Keep up the strong work man!
10 years ago
At the beginning my daughter liked to watch me playing. Nowadays she plays a game or two almost on a daily basis, her favourites are the Champion Pub (because it burps! and than she starts laughing very loud) and the High Roller Casino. She now even starts using the techniques I am using, which really amazes me (she is 5 years old). Both flippers at the same time is not something she does very often anymore. Also her friends starts looking first and then they start playing as well.
9 years ago
Alvim G 'mystery Castle' and a Bally D&D -very nice
9 years ago
I love Indy it is on my wishlist, looking for one but can't handle the price right now! What are the "tasteful" mods you have put into yours?

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