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UncleSash's aka Sascha

By UncleSash

February 08, 2017

3 years ago

hello folks...

yeah that's me and I hate to write something about myself.
I'm born and raised in Germany, but I live since 01/2014 in the lovely United States of America and I don't want to go back to Germany.
My Collection is really to small to be advertised here, it is just a Virtual Pinball machine.

But there is maybe a little story to Pin2DMD contribution, that some folks like to know:
I started here, because some Members like to get a Pin2DMD device and I was the 1st Hardware Designer for the first Shields.
At that time was Pin2DMD "Open Source" and I loved it to contribute something back to the Pinball community.

But lives changes and I had a bad augmenting with the Founder of Pin2DMD and his way how he closed the Open Source and calls it Donation Ware.
For me was this step and the arguing was a bad no go and we split us from each other...

That was really a bad time for me, because the Pin2DMD project meant a lot to myself.

But I looked forward and still support the community with Pin2DMD Hardware for a very affordable price.
Well, not in a business way but in my free time as Hobby.
So don't judge me when I'm not here every day, instead contact me on my Facebook page and talk to me.
I have also some other nice PCBs made for Virtual Pinballs and I can design your very own PCB layout... feel free to ask me.


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