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3 years ago
I think this game is underrated. It is easy enough to get multiball for beginners. It becomes harder and harder to get more and more multiballs. This is a tough game to master. Each Frankenstein bonus you achieve earns you a creature letter. Ultimately, your goal is to achieve creature multiball. In this mode, the machine keeps launching balls continuously to try to keep 6 balls in play. This continues for a minute (I think - maybe it's configurable). Your jackpot, in this mode, is based on how many creature letters you collected from the Frankenstein bonuses.

This game MUST be set up properly, be in good playing condition, with fairly good rubber on the flippers. Otherwise, the shots can/will be hard to hit reliably. If NOT set up properly, this game's playability is probably a 4 out of 10. If it IS set up properly, it is a 9 out of 10.