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4 months ago
early review: received my game (le) three days ago. put about 100 games on it over the long weekend. spent about 5 hours dialing it in and readjusting switches etc.

No unusual issues out of the box. great mods available aftermarket, I added the cracken and dauntless railing prior to plunging my first ball. I then added the disk silencer which is needed.

game is fantastic so far, I'm admittedly in the honeymoon period but I've played a lot of pins and it leaves a good impression after the first 100 games. Still figuring the rules and trying to understand the opportunities for big points. So far I've stacked four multi balls and put up about 1.6 million as my grand champ score. Game is fun!
5 years ago
new IMVE owner. I have about 160 games on it after about 3 weeks of ownership. Very fun game, love the ramps and quick ball times. short and sweet. Excellent with a shaker and sub.

6 years ago
I've played a proto type about 15 times and today I played the LE production model about 10 times. The game is a lot of fun, I scored 150k on my best game and got multiple multiballs going at once. I like the overall flow and shots of the game reminds me a little of TZ which is my favorite game. When the code is finished this game will shine. Good times for pinball.

update: I own the game and have about 200 plays on my machine (a standard)
The game has a lot going for it. The ability to stack the modes and multi-balls is where the fun is. starting the main multi ball (emerald city) and then starting a crystal ball mode (2x scoring) and then starting a rescue multi ball (upper left play field) is awesome!. When you have ball on every play field and then get an extra ball the machine go's crazy (lol). I enjoy playing this game a lot, but I am still in the honey moon phase. The music is all instrumental which is good. It's a nice change of pace from my other superhero and rock band themed games. Not sure why this game gets a lot of hate. The theme is basically battle the witch and works well for pinball.
6 years ago
Fun game. I'm in the first month of ownership and have played about 250 games.

Very satisfying when your hitting your shots, brutal when your not. Added an external sub and the sound is awesome. So far so good.
7 years ago
put about 150 games on mine in the three weeks I've had it up and running good after a full shop job. I like the criss-cross ramps and captive ball target a lot, works well in a collection for a quick game machine. Not everyone has 30-minutes to enjoy a lotr marathon.
Machine looks good with Leds, I putt green supers in the gi and it's nice and swampy.
I enjoy the fish flapping around up above the game. I putt some target deadening foam on it to quiet it down a little and that works well.

fun game.

update: I've gotten the super jackpot a couple times now, my hands get sweaty when I see that super target blinking.
8 years ago
I've owned this game for over a year and personally put on more than a thousand plays. I enjoy the theme so weigh that in accordingly to my rating. Fun long shots in this game. The delta ramp is one of the best shots in pinball (I wish I hit it more often) My high score is over 16 billion, but I haven't gotten past warp 9.4. I really like the music/theme of the pin but If your adverse to star trek I could see it wearing thin. The Picard manuever rules however.
8 years ago
played 10 strait games on it. Fun but I think i'll stick to playing on location.


I'm now buying one, first nib. Will update after a couple hundred games

100 game update:

fast,fast,fast reaction time must be razor sharp with this pin. I like the sounds (game is hooked up to external sub) a lot. stacking multiballs is fun. just a lot of one more game funness.
8 years ago
Purchased this game as a huo and with the new update (2.6) I am loving this 5th addition to my game room. This is my first stern pin and I am enjoying the experience. I love the flow and music, shaker is awesome and leds add a lot -keeper
9 years ago
Purchased this game as my 3rd pin. I really like it, the theme is a lot of fun, I tweeked the time so I can play midnight madness on a regular basis. Really a great pin for the price they can be had.
update: I thought I would add that this machine feels rock solid. the build quality is excellent. Maybe I just got a particularly good one?

update: this is my wifes favorite game out of the five I have. TZ, sttng, shadow, spiderman, and who dunnit?
9 years ago
Just rehabbed this game and I am falling in love. I'd love to own a MM or a AFM but this is a close as I'm gonna get. Very difficult game that sits next to my TZ. It's still new so it's getting all my play time currently but I love having options when I play.
update: after two months of play time I still love this game. Have reached the "final Battle" about 8 times but I am not even close to completing it. Long term keeper.

I've been playing and loving this game for 4 months now. I've been to the final battle probably 10-15 times and I've got within 3 shots. Very difficult game to "beat". keeper.

Eight year update:
still love this game. I kept the alec baldwin transalight to stay original. Every couple years I rewatch the movie and it still sucks Hahaha. Game has last ability and is now a hot seller vs. when I purchased it. I've only beaten the final battle once in eight years of ownership. I recently tweeted the rules with altering the mode timing and extending the lock timer during multi balls. lots of punishing fun here. enjoy
9 years ago
thought the game was too easy. Fun in an arcade, but I wouldn't shell out for one.
9 years ago
I purchased a TZ as my first machine about a month ago. I got my addiction from williams hof on xbox 360 and decided I wanted the real thing. I paid a lot to purchase the machine and then had to replace the proximity sensor in the ball trough (#26) and all the rubbers and the balls including the power ball. the end result is I have picked a great machine for long term ownership and a fun new hobby of tweaking and machine mod's and upkeep.

update: after 2000 games I still love this thing I've since added 4 more pins (anyone reading this can relate) and tz was a great intro to the hobby