Pinball mania has begun in my household

By tyj

May 25, 2020

41 days ago

My wife and I were arcade collectors about 15 years ago (still have a couple) and we loved buying and restoring arcades.  We would hit up the arcade auctions whenever we could.  About ten years back we picked up a No Fear pinball machine at the auction.  We liked it but it needed some love.  This year we had the machine shopped by a local pinball tech.  I love tinkering but this thing had so much wrong with it.  Anyway, he brought it back working better than ever and my wife, my teenage son and I instantly fell in love.  We started looking for another pinball to add to our collection when I saw an ad for someone selling three newer pinballs as a lot.  We met the guy and found out he had a full warehouse of machines and essentially let us choose from the ones he was selling so we took home three more pinball machines and we have been hooked ever since.  The modding.  We love the modding!  

I have an electrician coming to add another circuit to my game room next week.  I think I can fit 8-10 games in my game room.  :).  I'm looking forward to meeting other pinball people and spending too much money on this hobby.

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38 days ago
It's a very addictive hobby and IMO the best!!!! I myself wanted to build my 2 lottle boys an arcade, but funds were limited. So I ran an ad on Facebook offering custom tattoo work in exchange for working arcade machines and pinball machines. I've owned my own tattoo shop for 14 years and I figured what could it hurt to try. The first person that responded immediately said he had a Gyruss arcade machine and a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball machine that he'd trade for tattoo work. I went and hit both machines and they were in working order. I don't know how to work on arcade machines, but started figuring out how to work on pinball machines and every since have owned over 30. I love pinball and couldn't imagine my life without it.

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