Pinball Addict

By TygrHawk

May 07, 2021

47 days ago

Wow, how great to find this site!  I first was fascinated by pinball when accompanying my parents to the local bowling alley.  I was probably 11 or 12, watching the older kids play. Finally I started trying my own skill, which was horrible at first.  But I kept trying, and started getting better.  I remember machines like Gorgar and Paragon, As I got older, I got better.  Playing machines anywhere I could, now the younger kids were watching me, and my friends were calling me "wizard".  Always (almost) got the replay, often had to give my credits to someone else when I had to leave.

These days, I've been playing pinball simulations.  Pinball Hall of Fame, Williams Collection is a great game for the PS2, with 8 great classic tables.  Just recently I found Williams Pinball for iOS, with even more classic table.  And the gameplay on these is so realistic!  I'm going to have to see if I can find any good machines located near me, I've got the itch again!

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