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7 years ago
Found a GoT LE on location and got to put around 12 games or so on it. Fast & fun; I enjoyed it but can't say that I'd give it a thumbs-up.

Although I'm a huge fan of the shot, I can't say I'm a fan of the pin. Played it in a bar/restaurant and couldn't hear a word of what it was telling me. The light show is horrid! Flashing LEDs almost gave me a seizuure - at times couldn't see the ball at all. The gimmick with the blacked-out flippers is terrible [edit: looks like this is not a gimmick but a flaw in the firmware? - Flippers would periodically power down resulting in a drain if the ball was anywhere near]. Really, what's the point there.

As far as the playfield goes - great toys and theme. However, it's all ramps and orbits.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game. I'd pay to play it again. Definitely wouldn't want to own it though.
7 years ago
Finally had the opportunity to play Medieval Madness (remake-LE) on location. Put about 10 games on it. Never having played it but knowing it was rated #1, I had high expectations. It was fun but it didn't really suck me in. Shots... ramps, trolls, castle, etc. were great. I did like the features I'd never seen before on a pin: catapult, save the damsel. I think where it really let me down was the audio.

Need to get more games in. Probably a top-10, but #1? Not so sure.
7 years ago
I had added Funhouse to my collection a few years ago and given its condition, played it sparingly. Was ugly and clunky. Glad I waited to rank it. Just recently completed a playfield swap and refurb on it. New ramps, lighting, playfield, flipper mechs, etc. really changed the game from a dog to a gem. LED OCD and GI OCD restored the original mood and light show.

This is how Funhouse would've played on route 25 years ago! Fast, fun, challenging, insulting. It's now a keeper and if I only have time for a game or two, I'd be as likely to play this as my Twilight Zone or Scared Stiff.
8 years ago
I've had TWD LE since it was released. With the recent code update and the 3rd party sound replacement, this one's a keeper. Something about it keeps me wanting to play just one more game! I haven't scratched the surface, rules wise... still have a lot left to discover. I don't see TWD leaving my collection any time soon.
8 years ago
While waiting for TWD LE to arrive, all of the Negative Nancy's here led to a little doubt about my decision to purchase an LE NIB. I'm glad I stuck with it.

This game plays flat-out fast as hell. The rules are still somewhat of a mystery to me and appartenly still a work in progress. No matter, it rocks as is (f/w 1.19). It's really got that "just one more game" draw to it. Theming is great, sound is great (I know some have dogged it for not having the actor's voices but that doesn't bother me at all), play is great. Stern's got a winner here!

Note that I've only played the LE version so cannot compare it to the PRO.
8 years ago
Game play and lastability... meh. Worth a game or two but is very boring by any standard. Art package... outstanding. Enough has been said about this but I'll reiterate that in the 30+ years since released, you'd be hard-pressed to find a backglass, playfield, plastic themed package that outdoes this one. Find a nice restored one and stick it in your collection. Who cares if no one plays it.
8 years ago
Very underrated. I played it on a whim (knowing it was considered a dog). Really enjoyed it. Probably spent more time and money on this one than any other while at Disney World.
8 years ago
This is one of a few pinball machines I had when growing up. Played the snot out of it. I recall the sound pitch ramping up as the ball went on longer and longer. Truly building some suspense. One of those art packages that you either love or leave. I love it.
8 years ago
I really tried to like it. It's not you; it's me.
8 years ago
This is another one of those games that is great fun on location. Play a few games and move on. Fun while it lasts but I wouldn't want to marry it. The big playfield Wolverine is horrible.
8 years ago
There's a Fish Tales at the Barcade not far from where I work. Game is fun as heck but shooting the horseshoe gets old rather quickly. All in all, great game but not sure it would last in a small home collection. I'd be more than happy to dump some quarters in it on location.
8 years ago
There's a SS at the bowling alley not far from my house. It's so much fun, I would bring my 10 yr old bowling just to have an excuse to play some pinball for an hour. Playfield and backglass are like a work of art. Callouts are 2nd to none. Good flow and that bony beast ramp is somehow ooh so satisfying.
8 years ago
Been about a year since I brought home my Twilight Zone. Still get jazzed to play it - and that's with a 1-pin collection. Just a few weeks ago got LITZ for the 2nd time. I was dancing.

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