Full Throttle LE

By txstargazer3

April 20, 2012

10 years ago

I first played Full Throttle at the Texas Pinball Festival four months ago and loved the play, the speed and the straightforward rule set. This morning I ordered Full Throttle LE with the big monitor, black cabinet and red trim. I also pre-ordered the Alien LE conversion kit. One of the strengths of Andrew Heighway's system is that a single cabinet can house different playfields that plug in in a modular fashion. What a great solotion when space is a concern! Each conversion kit is about 60% of the cost of the full game, so it saves money too. It will arrive in about three weeks and I will post a mini review after I get a few games in.


7/26/17 UPDATE: Typically I like to change out my one game every year or so. That is my way of keeping a one-game "collection" fresh. Thanks to the troubles at Heighway Pinball, I never did get the Alien insert for the game. Instead I sold Full Throttle LE and went for a game I have played before and have had great fun with: Ghostbusters Premium. It will be delivered in the morning. Best of luck to the new leadership at Heighway; I think they will succeed.

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10 years ago

I have never owned more than two pins at anytime since getting my first (which I still have and is the only one I have).

10 years ago

yes good plan - dont become a slave to this madness

4 years ago

I placed an order for JJP's Pirates of the Caribbean LE at the Texas Pinball Festival this past weekend. The game is incredible! I expect it to arrive in October or November.

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