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1 year ago
OK, let's admit that this is an unusual theme; but haven't we all been begging for an original theme and not another rock band or superhero pin? Well, Pat Lawlor has done a great job with a really different pin. Get out and play this one - it shoots like a dream, is fast and is just plain fun! That is where this game excels - it is gobs of fun and has that "one more game" quality. Dare to be different - try it!
5 years ago
WOZ ECLE is by far the most fun pin I have ever played. An amazing achievement! It is a visual treat and immerses the player and those watching in the theme. Build quality is great. Family friendly fun at its best.
6 years ago
I wanted to like this game more than I actually did. It's a good game, just not a great one in my book. The strengths are a great theme, lots of variation in targets and goals, and a general sense of fun. Too often, though, I had no idea of what I was supposed to be doing. I played it again and again, yet I never seemed to get the rules. Maybe that was just me.
6 years ago
After all the hype, I finally got to spend some time with MM. I'll get right to it - this is the most fun I have ever had playing a pin! Now I understand why it is in such demand. I think the castle is the best toy in all of pinball. It would be on my buy list except for the high prices it fetches now.
6 years ago
This game is greater than the sum of its parts. You can find pins with more toys, busier playfields and deeper rules; but somehow the elements add up to a crazy fun machine!!!
7 years ago
This one actually lives up to the hype - it is a great game! The theme is beautifully executed, lots of toys that are interactively involved in the gameplay, engaging music, good dots and a clever sense of humor. As I rated each category, I realized that for MB, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. This game is fun!

On the negative side; it is just a real shame that the price has climbed so high. There are way too many fun games out there for thousands less. Thus, I will likely never own it - unless I stumble into a crazy deal.
7 years ago
There are some strong elements in this game, like the sound, fast ramps and pretty fair dots. I just can't get past the band member cutouts that look like those cutout dolls with tabs to hold on the different outfits. Mick looks like a goalie scooting back and forth randomly blocking shots! Overall, I think this is an average pin with the fatal flaw of the band member cutouts. It is hard not to laugh at it. I am a HUGE Stones fan and I see this pin as a missed opportunity to capitalize on a great license. Too bad.
7 years ago
Ran across this one at the car wash down the street. The design shows its age, but the fun factor is still there. I would characterize this as a good basic pin (it has a nice shaker motor feature) that has decent fun to offer. Not a pin that will blow you away with tons of features or toys, but still good solid pinball play.
7 years ago
This was a nice surprise to find in the wild at the local car wash. Lots of fun, but short on variety. This will really limit lastability. Be ready for some fast action, as this one will catch you napping unless you stay alert! The high speed ramp at the top of the playfield is amazing.
7 years ago
The one I played was a Dallas Cowboys theme and it was poorly done. There just isn't that much going on in this machine - nothing to make you want to play again. I think it might prove to be a novelty to have a game themed after the home town team, but if you're looking for a well executed pin - keep looking. 15 yard penalty for lack of imagination!
7 years ago
This Borg-designed game is fun! It was fun when I first played it, and it has held my interest as I continue to improve my performance. The theme is beautifully executed in the artwork, sound and gameplay. Adding a speaker kit with subwoofer made the game even more immersive. I really like how the DMD adds to the play. The rules set offers a nice balance, giving new players enough to do, while offering nice challenges to the average player. If you are a pinball god or goddess you might need a bit more depth, but for most of us this machine offers a great experience at about half the cost of the top 10 games.