For the Love of Pinball

By TwinDavid

October 19, 2019

31 days ago

"Pinball is the perfect medium to continue mankind's fight against gravity by utilizing perfectly tuned machinery coupled with beautiful art and symmetry."

Spring of 1974

My Twin and I are 10 years old. We hear Gottlieb Chimes and Williams Bells walking past a store front and find a Klondike, Jack in the Box, and Flying Carpet at a local pool hall.  We would get 5 bucks each from the old man on Saturday mornings and away we would go! We knew every location that had good machines. Kovettes Department Store had a row of 5. The Pool Hall had 3. Paul Revere's had 2.   Sometimes our allowance would last us the entire weekend.  We would have a good streak of replays and rack up 10+ credits, then sell them off for a tidy profit and move on to the next location. Sometimes we would only last a  few hours...the leantimes. During one of our lean times we "borrowed" some silver dollars from my Mom's collection to play. Actually, that's how 2 10 year olds get into a pool hall. The owner was into silver dollars, so he let us in with a promise of kicking our butts if we caused him any a pool hall... 2 10 years olds.

 Pinball was and still is my gig.  It goes beyond playing as I equally enjoy the hobby of restoration and maintaining these great machines. But in the end, playing against the machine with the chimes/bells and the orchestra of mechanical muzak, is my slice of heaven.   

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11 days ago
Great story!

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