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1 year ago
What a great game! Top 10
LOVE it so far! Glad to see the code finished.
I think just as good or better than Medieval and Attack from Mars!
1 year ago
I find this over rated. It is OK. I have a Premium for the last Four-Five months and really do not play much. The artwork is cool to look at while not playing, but it is too busy and colorful when playing. Like an explosion of a rainbow everywhere. Layout is decent, but can't really say it is smooth shooting. Doesn't make me want to play again and again.
1 year ago
I find this game to be very "clunky" and not smooth. Didn't last long in my collection. Very over rated in my opinion. I had a NIB Premium for a few weeks. Meh.
1 year ago
I've had around 90 pins. Most all were top 100 ranked.
This is an amazing game and I think it should be #1

I was surprised at the music and sounds. A happy surprise! Excellent music, call-outs, and sound effects!
Can't really think of any negatives about this game except the cost and how hard it will be to find One.

Everyone who has played mine says the same thing....."WOW"! Better than expected!
Every target on playfield has a clear purpose. Amazing code!

After a couple months with this game I still think it should be #1. The Sounds, Call outs, rules, layout, all just fantastic.
No issues with a couple thousand plays. Great for tournaments and for novice players.

New code just pushes this pin to the top even more! Still not at ver1.0 yet! Just a fantastic job on the code so far!
2 years ago
I bought this game new for home use. Decent layout at first glance. Beautiful artwork. Boring to play. Upper playfields are not fun. Terrible code full of bugs. Poor build quality.
2 years ago
After owning an LE for a month, I am in love with this machine. I love the theme and works for me. Chaos in Quantum City is a perfect follow-up to most of Pat Lawler's previous titles. If you like any of Pat's games then I would think this would be One of your all time favorites! I've had Two Earthshakers, Two TZ, Funhouse, Wonka, WhirlWind, Ripley's, and others. This is a tie for me with Wonka. The engineering is excellent, toys, best use of magnets (7 of them!!), not One but TWO additional displays on the playfield! Such a packed game! The art is excellent, the sounds and music are great for not being tied to a movie or band. Well done Jersey Jack and Pat! Shots are unique and fun. Deep rules and perfect balance of fun and the skill required. Makes me smile!
3 years ago
What a surprise pin! Looks can be deceiving! This game packs a big punch! Lightshow, music, intensity of this is off the charts. I have owned around 60 pins for personal use and this is in the top 3 for me. Who needs ramps to slow down the game?? Very unique layout and theme. Totally love it!! Well done Spooky and Scott! I like the fact that you don't need a 300 page book or a 2hr long tutorial to figure out how to play this. The rules are deep enough for me to stay hooked and wanting to come back again and again to play. Flipper gap is perfect! Not too easy, yet not too frustrating. Triple drop-downs with a scoop behind them is a great mech. Serves multi-purpose as standard targets, and a unique ball lock. Awesome! Member Houdini says too few shots. Limited shots....pffft. You have 13 shots from the bottom flippers, then add upper reactor section. I don't know what you are talking about man. I don't think the game needs any more shots at all! It's basically the same or even more shots as any other game out there.
3 years ago
Excellent game! Fantastic light show, music and game play. I would expect to get tired of this eventually but has not happened yet.
3 years ago
Love my roadshow! Lots to do, and a long term keeper. Most all who play it agree
3 years ago
Another Pat Lawler classic. Good enough to be the only pin you own.
3 years ago
* I have sinking institute and the ROM for fixing center ramp scoring.
Love this game. What a classic!
3 years ago
Just got my topper from stern for my LE and love it! This game is probably my favorite pinball to date out of 50 I have owned and 150 that I have played. Great job Steve Ritchie and Stern!

I love the upper playfield! Hitting the loop over and over is a great way to score while being safe. Hitting lock target help defeat monsters. Locking balls is easy enough to do fill-up multiple times each game for me. Love the lower playfield and the 3 various ways to get multi-ball. The retro multi-ball is awesome to experience! Topper integration is the best. Love the new code with more sounds and voices. What a total package!
4 years ago
One my favorite games! Can play this game all day long for months at a time.

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