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By tucson

August 27, 2013

8 years ago

My introduction to pinball began across the street from our house. The neighbor had a Gottleib "Stampede" machine. I played that machine to death! I checked out books from the local library about how to build a simple pinball machine out of wood. Later, I became obsessed with pinball when I joined a bowling league in the 7th grade. I could not get enough of Firepower and the 30+ machines in the game room. I wanted a pinball machine so badly that I asked my dad for one. He said, "Sure! if you are willing to put it on your bed!" (since that was the only place for it). Much later, I became rich and famous (well one out of two is not bad!). I bought a Fire Power II in early 2005. It occupied my son's nursery room for awhile. A few years went by, and Fire Power II broke down. It sat dormant until another pinball fanatic offered to take a look at it. He diagnosed the problem in about 1/2 hour. One of the chip sockets was bad on the Mother Board. Since then, I have added many machines to my collection. They include machines from every decade except the 2000's. From oldest to newest: Tucson (1949), Straight Flush (1957), Soccer Kick-Off (1958), Big Deal (1963), Spanish Eyes (1972), Pro-Football (1973), Time Zone (1973), Royal Flush (1976), Fire Power (1980), Black Hole (1982), FirePower II (1984), High Speed (1986), Road Kings (1986), F-14 Tomcat (1987), Terminator 2 (1991), World Cup Soccer (1994). I have spent considerable time learning how to fix my machines. Most of the time, I am sucsessful. I also joined the Orange County Pinball Leauge a few years ago. We play monthly at different homes. I have hosted the League once.

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