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1 year ago
I love GnR... the band. I could'nt wait to sell this machine once I had purchased it. I don't think I've ever owned a game that I wanted to sell so fast.
4 years ago
I believe this game is/was the pinnacle of game design and theme integration, I love the varied ways to score, and the hard work that is put in for the biggest jackpots. The art and layout are phenomenal.
5 years ago
In line drops and a bonus collect, only complaint is that it doesn't have 7-digit displays, but it can now thanks to x-pin!
6 years ago
One of the common complaints against Godzilla is that it is all multiball and stacking them together is the only thing you are trying to do. What confuses me is that is what people say about Dracula, but they talk about it in a positive on that game. In Godzilla you get 5 multiballs to stack instead of 3, it just doesn't make sense to me why that would be a bad thing. Overall I find the game very fun. It isn't super deep, but walking up to it I know I am going to have a good time. I think it's layout is pretty decent, and the look with the green ramp and Godzilla coming out of the playfield is awesome. It is the worst game I have ever had to shop though, as the Godzilla head and ramp proved to be nearly impossible to remove from the game. Easy service state on the flyer is a clear lie, and I imagine many operators back in the late 90s simply wouldn't by this game due to its lack of serviceability.