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12 years ago
Ok - I played about 60 games of The Simpsons Pinball Party - It just wasn't for me there are Five main issues that I didn't like -

1 - When you hit the loop that goes to ottos bus the ball is held and you get the quote "Your the coolest Otto" This is completely useless and kills the flow. My opinion is it just should have been a rollover switch and flowed right back down to the flippers. (This would have made a huge improvement in my book)

2 - When you make it up to the living room the delay in getting the ball back in play is way to long how many times do i need to see the animated homer looking through the box. Other animations through the game that are very good and unique you don't see because you are concentrating on the ball.

3 - If this is your only game and you have friends over to play a few games the ball time is so long that everyone looses interest waiting for their turn. The family also doesn't want to play a 4 player game for the same reason. ( To me pinball is supposed to be fast and exciting allowing you to compete with your friends and family for the high score side by side)

4 - Spelling Simpsons when homer is attempting to guess what you are spelling get old fast especially when you do it multiple times on one ball and you get to simpson and he acts like he doesn't know what its going to be when you had just gone through this a few minutes ago.

5 - The TV modes/ missions can be confusing you really need to study the rules to understand what you need to do to complete the mode. I personally would have liked some verbal cues or specific lighting as to what I should be aiming for.

On a side note the jokes at moes are good like the hugh jass etc... but once you have heard them a few times it looses its fun and humor for me kinda like watching reruns.

Another area that to me could be improved is the speed the ball returns from the living-room down the monorail. Maybe a steeper incline or a different ramp type.

There are allot of good features also, I do like the stacked modes and it does get allot more fun when you get the couch multi ball and the itchy and scratchy multi-ball together.

The Play-field artwork is perfect (Very Colorful and tons to look at)

The voice work is very good.

Alien Invasion is really great ,reversing the flippers is awesome.
13 years ago
The Family loves this PIN, The low price point makes the a great bang (Or Flip) for the buck - Very Fun Game. The Speech and music is the Low point for me only a few phrases and sparse music. Highly Recommended.

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