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02:33:38 Provided feedback about Pinsider Killerbooger


01:47:29 Subscribed to Pinside+! Supporting Pinside with a Pinside+ Frequent - One Year subscription


22:22:41 Unlocked Pinside achievement The Shopper 1 (Complete up to 5 orders at any Pinside shop)


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23:54:17 Provided feedback about Pinsider ryank11379

22:35:13 Added a game to the collection The Hobbit

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03:02:24 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ordered (Place an order at a Pinside shop)


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19:17:24 Unlocked Pinside achievement Initials set (Set your high score initials)

19:12:12 Unlocked Pinside achievement Proof is Everything (Add a high score with photo evidence)

19:12:12 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Leaderboard (Add a high score)

19:12:12 Added a high score of 66,619,970 for TRON: Legacy (Pro)

17:45:50 Unlocked Pinside achievement Located on Map (Set your home location)

12:32:31 Unlocked Pinside achievement Gameroom Displayed (Publish at least 3 photos of your gameroom)

12:19:43 Unlocked Pinside achievement Avatar uploaded (Uploaded a user avatar image)

11:59:59 Unlocked Pinside achievement Commenter (Write a comment to an article)

11:59:59 Commented on a story About Me

11:12:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement Verified (Become a verified user)

11:12:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Supporter (Obtain a Pinside Heart)

10:50:22 Edited a collection item TRON: Legacy (Pro)

10:46:32 Unlocked Pinside achievement Starting a Collection (Own a pinball machine)

10:46:32 Added a game to the collection TRON: Legacy (Pro)

10:44:56 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Member (Sign up for a Pinside account)

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