Step into my lab?

Step into my lab?

By triggur

April 01, 2017

86 days ago

I spent 30 years writing software for the nefarious likes of insurance companies until I retired.  Now I do something that actually makes people happy: pinball.

I've built preposterous things like a fusion reactor, a robotic fortune teller, and a robot that poops.

I'm one shake awkward, two shakes nerd, and three shakes salt, because you need to keep your electrolytes up and all that.

Anyway, my first pin was maintaining my idiot roommate's brand new TAF in '93, followed by a 22-year hiatus, followed by this, up to my neck in games.

Nice to meet you!

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65 days ago
Welcome!! Many of us are the same makeup ;)
61 days ago
Welcome! and you have at least one EM, nice.

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