It Was Beatles Pinball That Got Me Hooked


May 18, 2024

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30 days ago

Yes it was the Sterns Beatles Pinball machine that got me hooked on pinball. I am 59 years old and 5 years ago my daughter got married, and the day after her wedding she said dad take this envelope and drop it off for me at Great Neck Games in Long Island NY. This place supplied a beautiful lucite floor for her wedding with her and her husbands enitials on it .When I went inside Great Neck games I was amazed to see a bunch of pinball machines and arcade games , I now realized they do all kind of special events and parties . As I walked around the place I navigated to a Beatles pinball machine , it was absolutely beautiful with Ringos drum set right in the middle of the playfield . Im a Beatles fan but also a drummer so this was a work of art to me . The thing that I was confused about is that the machine looked brand new to me .  I said excuse me is this machine new ? He said yes do you want to buy it, and I said how much, he said 7500.00 , at that time I thought that was absolutely insane , how can a pinball machine cost that much money . The other thing is I had no idea pinball machines were still being made.

The last time I played a pinball machine was when I was a kid , I used to play in the bowling alley in my neighborhood and I remember I never got to play all that much because those quarters would run out fast lol . The nice man let me play the Beatles machine and it was incredible for me , all the songs playing and video clips of the Beatles in concert on the screen , it was amazing to me . I told that man I can't afford this now but one day I'm getting this machine for my basement. A couple of years went by and I got the itch for that Beatles machine so I started searching for one and discovered they were hard to come by and sadly much more then 7500.00 . Also being a collector of other things , I understood how the market changes with these things , I was having a rough time finding one at that time , I just missed a couple after checking different sites . I finally found one in California and had it shipped to me , it also  came with the Beatles factory topper  which I found out later was also difficult to find and sold for a pretty penny.

Beatles pinball finally arrives !! This was a great day for me , watching these men unload this big machine from the freight truck and bringing it in my house and up the stairs was quite an experience , my family thought I was nuts lol . They set up the machine and I couldnt believe I had my own pinball machine, it was a great feeling and no more quarters . I fired up the machine and started playing , it was fantastic with all the great Beatles songs playing and all the lights and sounds going off it was amazing . This was such a beautiful machine with all the colorful artwork and beautiful playfield , I was thrilled with my new toy and my wife and kids had fun playing it too .

After playing a ton of games on Beatles I did a little research and found out there were rules to a pinball game , I had no clue about this because I was totally new to modern day pinball , I thought you just shot the ball around and hit targets and lights and sounds would go off . The first tip I got was to read the game card on the machine and it would give you a basic game play strategy and that was great to have some direction, then later on I printed the rules for the game and was amazed with how many levels of game play there was , I see a lot of work and programing goes into these machines. 

At this point I was really loving pinball and I actually found a pinball dealer eight minuits from my house believe it or not lol , New York Pinball in Smithtown NY . I payed Ron a visit at NY Pinball with the intentions of getting my wife a video arcade machine but when I arrived and saw all the beautiful pinball machines I flipped out lol, I walked by a Batman 66 machine he had on the floor and fell in love with it. I always watched Batman when I was a kid and it was a beautiful machine . I purchased that machine and the rest is history, Ron and I became friends and eventually Avengers IQ came and Godfather LE and eventually Godzilla, my only problem is how am I going to sneak that machine in the house without my wife finding out lol . 

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26 days ago

Great story. I entered the hobby in a similar way. Twenty-one years ago I was playing around on eBay and came across an Indiana Jones pin. I never really played much pinball growing up, but I was a huge Indy fan and I thought it’d be cool to have an Indy pin. Little did I know that purchase would change my life. I’m now a big time pinhead, owner of 12 high quality pins. And, yes, I still have that original Indy in my collection.

Welcome to a fun and addictive hobby, my friend.

26 days ago

Thank you and yes it’s really crazy how you get addicted to these machines, I thought I was content with the Beatles and then Batman 66 and on and on I wish I was a better player, and the rules for these machines are difficult for me . But I really enjoy adding Mods to these games and playing them . I bought a bunch of mods for Godzilla and I don’t have the machine yet

26 days ago

Yeah. For me the gateway was that they kept churning out games with themes I loved. So I had to buy this game then that game, and on and on to bring me to now 21 years later.

23 days ago

Thanks for sharing! I have had a ton of games come and go but Beatles was one of my favorites. So easy to learn and an absolute blast to play.

23 days ago

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

21 days ago

Thanks for sharing. My intro to pinball was as a kid at a bowling alley in Denver in the late 60's, when Beatlemania was in its prime. They had a machine that was a rip off on the Beatles, "the Botles" or something like that. Fast forward to about 2021 when I finally had a chance to play the real Beatles machine. Very classy. I generally like games with ramps and upper playfields and other mechs, but the Beatles game design works as a golden oldie a la The Beatles. A lot of thought must have gone into that. Being such a classic, you will probably never get bored of that game.

19 days ago

HAY - if you figure out a way to sneak one in without your wife finding out... please let us know how you did it! (I'll even send you a roll of quarters)

15 days ago

Great story - thanks for sharing!

12 days ago

Right on!

12 days ago


6 days ago

What's up neighbor!

6 days ago


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