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81 days ago
Fathom. Ahhh, Yes.

Up front, I am fond of early Solid State games. Fathom ranks at the top in my humble opinion.

I love the inline drop targets. The task of knocking down barriers for a greater reward is very satisfying. Drop targets appeal to me in general and adding in two banks of the standard variety along with the double inline targets gives us plenty to aim for.

Good shot options. Hitting the left orbit shot to the inline drops/saucer with either right flipper makes me smile. Good spinner shot. I like spinners as much as I like drop targets and this one is well placed/directs the ball nicely to the A-B-C rollovers. The only clunky shot I find myself hitting is the area between the right pop bumper and outside edge of the Cave Trap. Every drop target and the standup can be hit with a well aimed flipper shot. . . I just need to work on my aim ;).

Artwork is amazing -- the backglass, playfield, and even the cabinet draw you in and provide a treat for the eyes. Enough said.

Sound is very good, especially considering the era and compared to my other games of similar vintage. The speech incorporates well with the sound -- not sure if its normal but my game provides a lot of "Ahhhh"s.

Lighting is decent. A little dark in the middle of the playfield but translucent rubbers help.

Scoring and gameplay seem to consist of two parts.

Scoring involves collecting playfield points but a good score also involves a well built bonus. Luckily you have two area of bonuses to build and multiple ways to multiply it!

Gameplay has a right/left or green/blue feel. Using the large drop target bank and center 1-2-3 target bank to build your blue or green bonus ties the two sides together. Hitting the 1-2-3 in sequence lights the yellow standup. . . but can you hit it in time? I appreciate like the additional features provided by the A-B-C rollovers and the fact the letters can be moved with the flippers. The inlane/outlane reversal is a fun mix up of the usual anatomy in this area. Multi-Ball is great; the fact that playfield scores are doubled/tripled during makes achieving and maintaining MB worth your while.

I really do like this game. No ramps, no DMD, no modes. . . just classic pinball. It is a treat to look at and a blast to play -- very glad to have the opportunity to restore and add one to my collection.
3 months ago
Fun Playing Classic Stern.

One of the many Space Themes from the late 70s/early 80s. In terms of the Sterns I'd rate Meteor a tad higher than Flight 2000 with Galaxy finishing in an honorable third.

Cabinet artwork is good -- colorful blues and yellows catch the eye. Backglass is nice; I'd probably appreciate it more if I was more of a celestial guy. The artwork and detail on the playfield is very nice -- I like the variety and mix of colors.

Sounds are better on this game than Meteor -- more of a variety and the speech component adds a new element.

Gameplay is good overall. Highlights include ripping both spinners -- bonus if you can sweep the three bank drop target on the right. Hitting the proper numbered drop targets takes aim but luckily the playfield does not punish you too much with a drain if you miss. The action of the locking mechanism is slick and fun to watch. It does take up a lot of space and somehow makes a wide body pin feel small when playing.

Overall a fun game. Cool sounds, fun spinner shots, and drop targets to aim for. It also "feels" like a Classic Stern when playing -- hard to describe in words but definitely an asset for me.
4 months ago
As a fan of the television show this game had been on my radar for some time.

While you do not need to be a fan of the show to enjoy the game, I do think it helps to pull you in and enhance the experience. This is probably most directed at the sounds and music. Being familiar with the show intro and sounds of the Tardis I think the audio package adds to the game rather than take away from it. On the flip side I can easily see how they could be repetitive and annoying to the casual player.

Cabinet and translite artwork. . . blah. I think the playfield is well designed and while I could care less about toppers on most games the motorized Dalek is a must have on this one. I understand this game is based on the doctors and time before the reboot of the series; I would love to see a "modernization" of the game to include art/audio of the more modern doctors too. . . at least up to Capaldi. :)

Playfield is rather engaging. The Time Expander is the centerpiece and justly so -- a brilliant piece of engineering that is a joy to target (when it is working correctly!). Ramps are fun to hit/loop. Mastering the "WHO" combo is still something I'm working on. I do miss the drop targets and spinners that I love on other games, but there absence does not take anything away from this one. Video animations are ok but I'm indifferent to them in general -- I'm wanting to play pinball, not a video game!

Three things I really like about this game: 1. A fan of the show can relate the theme well. 2. Time Expander Mech is cool. Or should I say its clever? 3. A motorized Dalek topper -- while it has nothing to do with game play -- really pulls you in and makes it feel like you are really battling them in multi-ball.

Even if you know nothing about the show play one if you get a chance. . . I think you'll like it!
6 months ago
Probably the most iconic billiards themed pinball.

Definitely a winner in the addictive/one more game category. A game with simple, intuitive goals; easy in the beginning but gets more challenging the longer you play. I always find myself needing just one or two more targets to achieve a fantastic score. . .

Solid State 80s sounds/voices are not for everyone but I like them in this sort of game, period correct if you will.

I'd love to own one someday -- a Classic that fits in just about every collection.
6 months ago
All things considered there is a lot of fun pinball to be had at Stingray's current price point.
Sure the later Stern games get more love and attention but you still get the Classic Stern feel here. I love the tune that plays at the start of a game. It caught me off guard at first -- definitely catchier and more pleasant to hear than some later sound board games!

The artwork is all around attractive especially if you are into the aquatic stuff. Would fit right in with a house on the beach or next to an aquarium. Bright, attractive colors on a well lit playfield.

As much as I like more modern sounds the chimes fit this game well and are a welcome component.

Drop Targets, Spinner, Kickouts, and a fun series of Rollovers keep you coming back to play. Some may cry foul, but Stingray is up there with Stars for me when it comes to the early Classic Sterns.

I would be open to having one in my collection -- use of space prevents it though. Could be a fun game to have in a break room at work. . . may have to think about that! :)
6 months ago
Another Pinball Machine/Theme I am not sure what to think of.
The theme/art likely has a lot to do with the era it was made -- but I grew up in the 70s and still don't connect with it.

Inline Drop Targets, Spinners, Kickout Saucer, Cool Inlane/Outlane Gate. . . all things I like. For some reason this game does feel wider than the average wide body with more space for the ball to roll around -- slowly at that. Some tweaks to playfield slope and a layer of clearcoat may have helped the machines I've been able to play. I have hit the ball to the upper playfield and had time to take a couple swigs of beer plus see what the players of other games along side of me are doing before the ball gets back down to the flippers.

Typical late 70s/early 80s sounds which I like and approve of.

The artwork. I suppose I can say it is an interesting vision of what the future looked like to the designers several decades back. I think my favorite is the Cabinet over the playfield and backglass. I am both fascinated and confused as to how the woman's upper garment drapes down and liquifies only to be caught by the much smaller woman in the pool below on the backglass (between score displays one and three). I never have been one to understand/appreciate some artist's visions though -- perhaps I need to ingest more chemicals.

In the end its a pinball machine and of course I'd play it again. Don't think I have the desire to own this title even though I'm a Classic Bally fan. . . but you never know.
6 months ago
This was a tricky game for me to rate.
Cool art and an innovative game for its day. Drop targets, a spinner, a magnet. . . all good stuff.
I had fun flipping the ball around the playfield but somehow could not connect with this pin. It could be the theme. . . not a lot of horned demons and skulls as d├ęcor at my place.
Probably a good entry level pin -- a lot of value for the price.
6 months ago
First thing that catches your attention about this game is the backglass -- Beautiful!
Gameplay is good. Drop targets, an upper playfield, extra outlane flippers (if you can activate them!), mini-orbit. . . . definitely takes some time playing to get a feel for shots and goals. To me the game did play on the slow side and it took a perfect shot to reach the upper playfield. Flippers felt a bit soft on my example.
Very happy to get to play this unusual game, not sure I would chase one down to own for the values they seem to bring but I'd gladly put more plays on one!
6 months ago
If you like a fast game and drop target action this is your machine.
I really like the Classic Stern collection of games, and Big Game fits right in.
Sounds are typical of the era and nothing special but that is ok, the addictive part is how the game plays. It is easy to get caught up in lining numbers up on the playfield cards to elevate your score. The pop bumpers add a lot of action in the middle of the playfield and a couple of mini orbits on the lateral aspects keep things interesting.
Spinners were a bit tougher to hit (for me) at the upper left -- one of the things I like is a good spinner rip and this is the one area I was left wanting more while playing.
I'd definitely add one to the collection one day!
6 months ago
Billiards seems to be a natural theme for Pinball.
In this case it is a matter of knocking down the drop targets to collect balls. . . and I'm ok with that. Hot Shot is a primitive predecessor of Bally's Eight Ball Deluxe or Stern's Nine Ball. . . but sometimes you need to appreciate where those classics came from. Its still fun to take the Model T out for a spin around the block now and again while the '57 Chevy stays in the garage.

Hitting drop targets is fun!
6 months ago
The flag flips are a fun component of this game. A great spinner and lively pops make it a fun player as well. Standup targets are ok, I tend to prefer games that have some sort of drops as well.

Not bad for an EM -- it has the feel of a Solid State in terms of speed and action (which is a good thing!).
6 months ago
An average EM for my tastes. Rollovers and Pop Bumpers make up your scoring. The center saucer acts as a multiplier -- it can be trickier to hit than you'd think!

I think the game could have benefitted from having a spinner on that upper left orbit, but what do I know?

Another game that I was happy to spend some time on but satisfied that I'd had enough after about a dozen plays.
6 months ago
The little cars driving around the track in the upper cabinet are the BEST! Scoring is based on how many laps you make it around the track (I think my best was 13!). Pinball play involves hitting targets on the playfield that advance the little cars different distances (car lengths, laps, etc.). The game played a bit slow and that was ok -- huge outlanes but I get why they are that way. A really fun novelty game worth spending some time on.
6 months ago
I thought the drop target "heads" of the dragons are what make this game worth playing. It leaves a more wide open playfield, but the challenge of dropping the heads to hit the targets behind them provides a two step goal. Plenty of rollovers and the triple out/inlanes always seem to give you a chance to get the ball back to the flippers.

A quirky game that kept me coming back to play when I recently had the chance to.
6 months ago
The rollover buttons on the "race track" are a neat idea to incorporate into Paddock (perhaps it should have been called "Track?").

I work with horses, so I was drawn into the game via the artwork and I rather like it. Game play more or less involves lighting and targeting the pop bumpers. . . I'm spoiled with newer technology and I just need more action/speed out of a game. It was fun to put a dozen or so games on, but I was satisfied to walk away and find another pin to play.
6 months ago
Grand Prix is one an EM that almost feels like a Solid State Game. Dual Spinners, Drop Targets, Kickouts -- all the fun stuff. More than that though if plays/feels much faster than other EMs I've had experience with. Makes sense for a racing car pin, huh? I like the left/right bonus feature and the kickouts that allow you to collect the bonus when entered.

I was lucky enough to play a clean and nicely working example. . . I would be proud to own one myself someday!
7 months ago
I find myself conflicted on Arena. I like the game, I keep pushing the start button, but I don't know why I like it.

I agree with other reviews the skill shot makes scoring more left to chance. I like the idea of the skee-ball layout, but it takes up sooo much space. Most of the time playing it seems like Im shooting for the top left corner.

Fun shots, multi-ball, good sounds. . . all positives. Arena can usually be had for a decent price as well. Simply put, there are other games in my collection that I have a greater fondness for. Arena is like the Natural Light of Beer. I'd much prefer a Corona, but if Natty Light is all that is in the cooler I'll still have one! :)
8 months ago
Seawitch definitely has the "feel" of a Classic Stern -- that is a good thing. :)

Drop targets have a nice mix of easy vs. the need to take your time and plan your shot vs. just a bit of luck. Miscalculate your shot on the center bank and expect to drain, a little luck on the upper bank is always helpful.
The loop shot is rewarding; so far I've been able to hit it with both right flippers. Not so much with the lower left flipper -- I may need to learn to play a bit better. As far as the spinner goes. . . . Just like Christopher Walken needed more cowbell I need more spinner from this game. The spinner shot is rather tight and it is a challenge to rip it good. Again, if could just be me.

The sound of waves crashing is very fitting for the game, combined with the other standard Stern sounds it fits the era. There does seem to be a bit more silence/lack of background noise vs. my other Sterns.

I really like the cabinet artwork -- splashing waves of water are easy on the eyes. Backglass is a bit busy but still fun to look at; playfield is good but almost has a touch of a cartoonish vibe.

I like Seawitch and enjoy having it in my collection. I prefer the play/imagery of Cheetah and Nine Ball but couldn't/wouldn't/didn't pass the chance to add Seawitch to the lineup. I prefer the Turkey and Stuffing at Thanksgiving but still add Mashed Potatoes/Gravy to the same plate. . . its sort of the same thing, right? :)
9 months ago
I like spinners and I like drop targets. . . so naturally I like Cheetah.
There is a lot of space on the playfield and this game plays different than a lot of other pins I own -- more precision is needed for some of the shots to be successful. I can understand why some may not like the open layout but it is a welcome addition of variety in my collection. The bonus multiplier drops are basically a chance hit off the pop bumpers -- all you can do is watch (maybe nudge) and hope for the ball to pop your way. I like how the other sets of drop targets each have their own reward; I get caught up in the game and forget which one I should be shooting for.

I like the art all the way around. The cabinet is the standard 80s stenciled three colored goodness of big cats on the prowl. The backglass and playfield are what really appeals to me though -- they have an Art Deco vibe that I am a fan of.

Sounds are definitely typical of the early 80s solid states. Some of the spinner shots hold a deep bass tone that I really like -- I will have to work on my accuracy to get a good rip on them!

Overall a great game in my opinion -- glad to have finally found one.
10 months ago
The two standout features for me on Taxi are making ramp combo shots and the callouts. There is just something outstanding about making multiple ramps to achieve the millions shot. Who doesn't want to hear Pinbot or Gordie (or Marylin!) trying to hail a cab -- even though it can get repetitive there are enough characters to create variation. Hey!

I do like the ball launch from Drac's kickout as well. Add in the trolley bell and multi-ball, you can have fun for hours with plenty of variety.

Artwork is a touch cartoonish for my tastes, but overall I would not let that stop me from enjoying this game.
10 months ago
At first glance I couldn't help but think how similar Frontier looks to Mystic -- another Bally game from this era. After bringing a Frontier home any playing quite a few games I can appreciate the increased variety it has to offer. Still plenty of drop targets and a spinner (two of my personal favorites) as well as a number of standup targets and a bonus kickout. I like the fact that there is a standard bank of drop targets as well as the in line drop targets to give a little variety. Add those to the standups and you will quickly realize that accurate shooting is beneficial here. This game feels like a lot of other Classic Ballys in how it plays -- give me a whitewood version with no sounds and I'd say meh, ok.

What wins me over on this game vs. other Classic Ballys is the playfield artwork. I like outdoors/nature type stuff and well. . . that is what this theme is all about. A bare chested dude holding a knife about to take on a Grizzly -- Fantastic. I could do without the big head on the backglass but it is not as bad as some others out there. Cabinet is ok, not one I'd finish a row off with though.

So yes, the playfield artwork I like. . . and the sound. When I first powered the game up the background noise was turned off. I guess some people do not like the crickets -- after several dozen games I altered the sound settings to get the crickets back a chirpin' and it improved the game's appeal for me. I really like when I have multiple cricket sounds playing vs. the solo chirp. Add in ricocheting bullets and what not -- its not anything modern but definitely has period charm.

Usually for me it is all about how the game plays that determines how long it sticks around -- the theme and sound may be what keeps this one around for a bit though.
11 months ago
After bringing home a project Paragon and spending many months refurbishing it I feel I've finally spent enough time playing to rate it. I am probably more of an early solid state fan when it comes to pinball so I will likely be biased in that area as well.

Right off, I'd consider giving Paragon a spot in the game room for the artwork on the playfield and backglass alone. Cabinet is nice, but the other features are superb. I feel there is enough variety in the layout with the kick outs, drop targets, spinner, etc. to keep the game interesting. The challenge to build up a bonus and then multiply it is very rewarding. Paragon has one of the best spinner rips just behind my Meteor, especially when the ball exits the spinner and moves laterally across the playfield and into the waterfall. A pop bumper in an outlane? Fantastic! More than once I've lost the ball thinking I could trap it in the right lower flipper (ball drains between the upper and lower flipper). This game is teaching me patience as well as technique. Yes, the sounds do not keep up with the artwork in their appeal, but they have a vintage vibe that is growing on me the more I play.

I am glad I put the effort into resurrecting the game -- it may just stick around for awhile.
11 months ago
Another game that rates highly for me in the area of visual appeal. Maybe one of my favorite backglasses.
I was tripped up more than once with the left side double flippers -- amazing how many times the ball sneaks in to drain between the two. Drops, rollovers, and kickout saucers rule the day on this game. Achieving and multiplying your bonus is key to a good score.
11 months ago
Really hoping to add one of these to the collection in the future. Fun shots and the battlefield is unique. Artwork on the playfield is superb but this game holds my lowest ever rating for backglass. Luckily there is an alternative.
11 months ago
Besides the superhighway of ramps to shoot for the things I walked away from liking on this game were the Cryo-Claw and car crash captive ball. I liked the movie ok and probably feel the same way about the game. I'd watch the movie if its playing on the television and I'd buy the game if found at a decent price. . . but I am not going out of my way to seek out and pay a premium for either. Have to remember this is a wide body and these things are heavy!

I may be in the minority but I do not really like the handle style flipper actuators. Just cannot get used to them. . . guess I am just and old school flipper button kind of guy.
11 months ago
This game has a lot of the classic pinball essentials: A spinner, drop targets, kickout saucer, and a kickout lane. It gets a little crazy with the slingshots placed halfway up the playfield; that allows a nifty little double inlane setup. Love the playfield and backglass artwork used in the Classic Stern Era. The most disappointing part of this game is the sound. . . makes it feel like I am playing Meteor 2. Still, a fun playing game and can still be found (for now) at a decent price -- bring one home if you can!
11 months ago
Great game when dialed in correctly.
Plenty of ramps to shoot for and of course the ball lock should be a Mouse Trap.
The artwork leaves a bit to be desired but the gameplay makes up for that.
11 months ago
Beautiful game all around.
My only hesitation with owning is my limited knowledge of Capcom technology and limited aftermarket parts/support.
Definitely worth spending time playing especially if Magic is your thing.
11 months ago
Spinning Disc and Multi-Ball -- its all you need to know.
The disc will keep you on your toes as it spins and directs the ball in any number of directions. Good aim is helpful as the main shots can be tight; I experienced quite a few rejections my first couple games.
Quite a bit of visual stimulation on this game; glad I was able to spend some time on it but probably not one I'd bring home. Just not enough depth. . . better suited to a larger collection.
11 months ago
Locking balls in the paddlewheel of a riverboat? OK, I'll Play.
In today's state of Pinflation Maverick offers a fun game for your dollar. I couldn't tell you a whole lot about the movie but if you are into old-timey cards on the table gamblin' type themes this one seems to fit. The DMD/Animations add variety as well. I'd probably bring this game home for awhile if I could buy it right. . . it may not stick around forever but I'd wager we'd have fun with it.
11 months ago
The ramp shot to the spaceship to the whirlpool. . . I could try to keep hitting that all day. Also a thrill to rip the spinner tucked down under the U.N. Orion.
One thing that did annoy me a bit on this game was the "SOS" tones that kept repeating over and over, but a small price to pay for a fun game that I'd like to own one day.
11 months ago
Another game that I thought had excellent artwork on the playfield and backglass. . . but left me wanting more on gameplay.
The machine I had the opportunity to play must have been nearly level as it took forever for the ball to return to the bottom once flipped. I did think the upper playfield being divided into a central region with two lanes on each side provided variation for shooting. For me the game is a looker but just lacked personality. Happy to try it again should I come across another in the wild.
11 months ago
I really do not like clowns, but I like drop targets. Good game to test your shooting/accuracy skills. I did not like the outlanes/bumper setup on this one. Just could not get used to it.
11 months ago
I was drawn in by the artwork but stuck around to spend some time on this game after learning some of the ruleset. Has a lot going for an EM game, even without drop targets. Those spinners took some practice to hit! Definitely draws you back in with that "one more game" appeal.
11 months ago
Spent some time on this game at a recent pinball show. I know things are at a faster pace today, but I felt like I was playing in slow motion. Perhaps it was just this machine, but it felt impossible to reach the upper half of the playfield after the plunge. Still, I liked the rotary domino target. . . as long as you did not drain after hitting it between those tiny flippers!
11 months ago
Was not sure what to do at first without a plunger. . . but soon enough the ball was "pitched" into play.
Really liked taking out the large banks of drop targets at the top of the playfield -- need to have good aim from the lower flippers and definitely tried to take advantage of the uppers when possible. Classic EM chimes and bells, yet a unique enough game to set it apart from its peers.
12 months ago
First I will say I am not a basketball guy. . . but I really liked playing this game. The basket shot made the game. Would I own one? Probably not. Would I play the game again? You Bet!
12 months ago
A lot of open area on the playfield in my opinion. The ball spends almost as much time moving sideways as it does up and down. I like the drop targets, spinners, and captive saucers but I wanted more.
12 months ago
Wish there was a bit more to keep the player's attention.

You are lured in with an attractive art package only to find a complete lack of personality when it comes to gameplay. Its still pinball though, so that is something.
1 year ago
This was my first game with a shaker and is definitely a favorite of friends and family for that reason.
Plenty of variety when it comes to what to shoot for -- ramps, drop targets, spinner. . . it was hard to walk away for the first couple days. The left ramp is easy enough to master -- I'm an average player and was able to keep hitting the loop repeatedly. A great mostly family friendly theme (depends on how you handle "Bi**hing!") that is a go-to/favorite in our house.
1 year ago
Love the art. The cabinet, the playfield, and especially the backglass. The horseshoe is fun to shoot for and I like spinners -- I have two to choose from here! I also like the early attempt at a ball save -- kind of a necessity considering you have to utilize the outlanes to complete "Silverball Mania."

When playing it can feel like it is two different worlds -- the upper and lower playfield. The lower playfield is where you actually have some control over the game. . . when the ball moves to the upper playfield you just wait to see what happens until it comes back. Not sure I like the waiting around part of the game. Nothing special about the sounds, standard early solid state stuff.

Overall a fun game to get lost in for a bit and enjoy some good old fashioned pinball -- not the best game I've played, but definitely not the worst!
1 year ago
Really enjoyed playing this game -- will never forget the first time destroying the castle. Hope to own one someday!
1 year ago
Great artwork on the backglass and playfield.
Rules take a little time to figure out, but the game is more interesting once you do. The sounds are not all that spectacular compared to more modern technology, but I still love the sound of the spinner spinning.

A Classic Bally Sleeper.
1 year ago
I really like this game for the spinner and drop targets. Nothing like a good spinner rip and hitting this one right is very rewarding. With 15 drop targets there is plenty to aim for, what I like is the potential for sweepability. Proper aim with the right lower flipper can take out all of the "2" targets and carry over to take out all of the Meteor targets. I have my game set up fast. . . and I like it.

My dislikes are the sound/noise that comes out of the speaker. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if I am hearing the game, if my tinnitus is acting up, or if the Emergency Broadcast Network is doing one of their tests. That's an easy fix though -- just put some tunes on the radio and keep playing.
1 year ago
Love the Classic Sterns.
I really like the layout with dual spinners, drop targets, and triple pops. Artwork is not the most pleasing to me -- but gameplay makes up for it. Would love to add one to the collection someday.
1 year ago
Love the Classic Sterns.
Stars has a nice combination of drop targets, stand up targets, and spinners -- the rules are so simple yet the game can be quite challenging. I like the chimes vs. electronic sounds with this game. Playfield art is very nice but I could do with a different backglass. Overall a fun game that I keep going back to for some good old fashioned pinball.
1 year ago
The inlane/outlane "swap" is different. A lot of fun little details on the playfield artwork. A simple, yet fun game worth a couple plays at a show or on location. Just not enough there to add one to the collection though.
1 year ago
Flipping around on this game is fun, but to be honest it is a bit overwhelming. This game would be ideal in a home environment where a player can spend more time exploring for better understanding of the rules. I appreciate the attention to detail and the animations are superb. Even if you just like a general pirate theme it would be a fun game to own.

A lot of potential here, just difficult to grasp in a couple of games.
1 year ago
I like the approach of modern technology with a classic playfield.
The sound is fantastic. The layout is decent but just did not connect with me. I like the ball lock feature. . . even if the next guy in line can steal it from me.
I'd compare this game to a car maker remaking a classic/vintage model. It definitely has a lot of advances over the original. . . but its just not the original if you know what I mean.
This is a great game if you have a bunch of people playing it in multi-player. I tend to be more of a lone wolf when I play but can definitely see the appeal with larger numbers. I was invited into a multi-player game recently at a show and it was much more fun than just playing alone.
1 year ago
Somehow the theme integration on this game is spot on. The artwork is true to the era and the movie. The ramp jump is definitely one I will remember and the call outs only add to the game. Would definitely play again at a show or on location but probably not one I'd bring into the collection. If you really liked the movie this would be a great game for you.
1 year ago
I like drop targets and spinners. . . so of course this game is on the wish list. Lack of in-lanes was an interesting feature that took a play or two to get used to but I like the attempt to mix things up a bit. Love the classic Stern sounds and artwork -- would love to have one of these in my collection.
1 year ago
Beautiful artwork and a fun game to play. Takes a little time to get the shots down but once you do gameplay feels less clunky. While little Deadpool is not my favorite toy I do like the ball lock feature and the Katana blade/ramp looks fantastic. Shots are varied, challenging, and still fun. After playing the game I think the better choice was to go the comic route vs. the movie(s). I'm usually a wait and see kind of person when it comes to buying new releases but I think I'd be very happy bringing one of these home.
1 year ago
I like the individual ball locks for multi-ball and the "heat shield" feature. The shuttle ramp is a rewarding shot and the old fashioned telephone bell is a nice variation of sound. If I was more into space themes I'd probably have a greater appreciation for it, but still a fun game worth some play time.
1 year ago
I actually liked the movie.

I was drawn to the game for that reason. One of the biggest negatives for me is the theme/movie is not carried over into the machine very well.

Getting past that I've found WW to be a fun and fast playing game. It takes some time to learn the rules and shot sequences but they start to make sense after awhile. The Atoll/Deez is a unique ball lock and target to shoot at in general. Not a big fan of the music, but I do like Dennis Hopper's call outs.

The price point on the game is low compared to a lot of others -- some will say that is for good reason but if you give it a chance Waterworld can give you a lot of pin for your dollar.
1 year ago
This game caught me by surprise -- had the opportunity to add one to the collection for a good price and it is becoming a family favorite.
I'd say the best feature of the game is the music; the variation with the decades is nice and all the tunes are quite catchy. Game play is fast with plenty of ramps to shoot at and plenty of actions from the pop bumpers. Not a deep ruleset but that's ok when you just want to have fun and play pinball.
1 year ago
Been waiting to rate this game for three months now while I refurbished it -- so far it has not disappointed. I love the variation provided by the eight bank drop target, horseshoe, spinner, etc. Cool that it even has a two or three multiball feature. Sound gets a little old after awhile -- background sounds like an airplane engine droning on. Cabinet and playfield art are excellent -- enjoy simply looking at the game. Should be a keeper!

Edit: 11/2018
After playing/owning this game for several months I have yet to tire of it. In fact it has quickly become my favorite. Maybe I'm more into old school pinball and less is more when it comes to animation and toys. . . whatever. As of right now this would be the last game to leave my collection.
1 year ago
The playfield is a lot more open than I am used to on other games but did not take away from game play at all. Killing aliens and hitting spaceships, who knew it could be such fun?
1 year ago
Love the variability of this game. It only took a couple of plays to understand some of the main goals -- hit/destroy the castle being the most fun (for me). Trolls popping out of the playfield, Merlin's kickout hole, I think I even shot a cow out of the catapult at one point -- love it. Didn't think twice about 50 cents a play -- kept putting my quarters in.
1 year ago
TOM has been the game I've been drawn to the most at the local bar/pincade. I have not dived deep into the ruleset but do like the variation of the trunk, ramps, and other shots on the playfield. A fun multi-ball, I can usually keep it going longer than I can on other games for some reason. May just have to add this one to the home collection someday. . .
1 year ago
Not the most exciting game out there, but I've always liked dinosaurs and I suppose that is some of the draw for me. Simple compared to modern machines but still a fun pin to play. I like the volcano and multi-ball feature for such an early game.
1 year ago
Not a theme I see myself owning but I was able to play a few games at a pinball show and really enjoyed the layout and shots. I was able to keep the game going for awhile -- quite the opposite of other games I have played. The upper ramp/jump is a cool feature -- I think I was able to hit four loops in a row.
2 years ago
I kinda liked the movie and I am drawn to the game for the theme/gameplay. Plenty of ramps and different shots to aim the ball at -- lots to keep your attention. "Shoot the Pyramid" gets a little repetitive but I enjoy most everything else about this machine.
2 years ago
A great game if you love drop targets. It certainly has the "just one more game. . . " factor.
Even though its is a step back in the evolution of sound I actually like the use of chimes in this game -- they add a pleasant background to game play. No fancy toys or complicated rules. . . this game is proof that sometimes simpler is better.
2 years ago
I purchased this game because I found it at a decent price. After playing a few times the music of course is forever burned into my brain but I was continuously drawn back in for just one more game. . .
I like the integration of locked balls rolling around the wireform like skaters in a rink, I think the atomic whip is another neat skate related feature of the game. The Mrs. and I are from the 80's generation and while we were never avid watchers of the television series we definitely relate to the theme, music, artwork, etc. of the game.
2 years ago
Recently acquired this machine. Its a tough game but the more I play it the more I like it. Right now the outlanes are set wide open so its a little more difficult to get deep into the game. I am a fan of the movies and Clint, so the game was a welcome addition to my collection. I like the variability, safe house/warehouse kickouts, and the moving revolver. Still trying to get used to the upper flipper and how to set up shots but keep coming back for more after Harry spits me out. I would like a bit more variability in the music but enjoy Callahan's callouts. . . am I the only one that has a taste for hot dogs after playing this game??

Edited after a month and a half of ownership. The appeal has only improved; Ive added some LEDs and a Pinsound is on the way. The music is growing on me and a better understanding of the rules/goals makes the game more fun to play. Do not overlook this machine. . . I think the theme and game play are underrated!
2 years ago
A great game for all types of players. A lot of fun for new players with a lot to shoot for but plenty to do/variety for those wanting more depth. Great detail on the playfield, one of the games that I actually like having four flippers on. Backglass is not my favorite but that can be modified if this game is a keeper for you.
2 years ago
Fun game, but not as involved as the William's version. I loved the movies so I would welcome this machine to my collection regardless. . .
2 years ago
I really liked the movie so naturally I was drawn to the pin. Nice backglass and cabinet art. The game was fun to play and did relate to the theme/bring up some memories of the film. I would definitely consider adding one to my collection if I had the extra room. . .
2 years ago
Flash was my first pin. Id call it a good intro pin because its affordable but still great fun to play. No, it does not have ramps, toys, or video effects but for its day it was something special. The outlanes seem a mile wide but when you have a good game its a very rewarding feeling. I also like the games where the score makes sense to me. . . trying to keep track of how many billions Ive scored is like trying to keep track of the national debt -- give me something that is more relateable (I hope to relate to hundreds of thousands someday!). The "Super Flash" is super rewarding when you can get it!
2 years ago
Flash Gordon was the first machine I acquired that needed a little "polishing" to get it going. It was simple enough that I was able to work my way thru the issues and fix several electrical problems (not something Id consider myself good at or comfortable with) and had the game up and running several days after I bought it. I found the game to be tough but fun -- I liked the design with the upper playfield. Great artwork, cool sounds for its day. Ended up selling the machine due to limited space but I still seek FG out at shows when I can because I know "Emperor Ming Awaits. . . "
2 years ago
Love this Game! I tested/played a lot of pins before deciding to make acquiring this machine a priority. Saved up and spent quite a few pennies but I do not regret it one bit; each game is different and keeps you coming back for more. After a couple weeks I am already getting better at placing my shots -- good aim is helpful for a good score. Loved the movies in my younger days and each mode brings those memories/moments in the film back clear as day. If you are an Indiana Jones fan you will love this game!