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Stories written by toyotaboy

First game my wife played that she LOVED

July 22 - First game my wife played that she LOVED

Let me start off by saying that every pinball show I've played this, it's always been a "pretty game", but ...

earthshaker - finally got one!

June 18 - earthshaker - finally got one!

Earthshaker is one of those pins in my top 3 (for nostalgia reasons). The other two would be black ...

Lethal weapon 3 - toyotaboy

June 18 - Lethal weapon 3 - toyotaboy

I remember playing this at the enchanted castle in lombard. I remember loving the fact that they had C+C ...

first time playing, I liked it

November 20 - first time playing, I liked it

Never played this first run (like many pins, there's just so many). Played it at a dive bowling alley ...

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