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How I came to be here

By Toyguy

August 05, 2014

6 years ago

I've been a video game and arcade hobbyist for a long time. I've owned many machines, built a MAME cabinet but never had any pinball. I never really thought much about it until I began playing pinball games on the MAME cabinet. Of course, it's not the same but I came to realize that I really enjoyed 2 particular games - Black Knight and its sequel, Black Knight 2000. Acquiring these machines became my goal.


After several years of looking, locally only as I had no interest in shipping a game cross-country, lo and behold a BK pops up on Craigslist. I go check it out and it has some issues, as any 30 year old game is likely to have, but it's pretty decent so I snap it up.


Hence, the adventure begins... Now to look for that second one!

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