The Art of Happiness with Pinball

By Tophervette

December 22, 2021

35 days ago

Played pinball a lot in 1973 in Melbourne Fla during college at "Worlds Worst Pizza".

Worked surveying offshore oil around the world after college 1978 and was based in Houston. Where I would play Bally Playboy at Dome Shadows Rock Bar every weekend I was in town.

A pinball Arcade was set up in an old movie lobby in Bowie, MD around 1992. I put a few quarters into games there too.

I was working in Reston VA. in 2001 and found a Bally Dr. Who game in a sub shop down the street. It became a favorite lunch spot.

2019 hit like a brick wall with Covid and retirement and being stuck in the house. While surfing the Interwebs, I re-discovered Pinball. At first, I just browsed Ebay ads. Then did google searches. Found Pinwicki and IPDB, then Pinside. Started searching for pinballs, I used to play, that I could afford. Finally found a well-used working pinball an hour away for $2800.

With rusty electrical skills, a full toolbox, and a desire to learn, I jumped into the pinball hobby. It was not going to crash like so many of my RC planes. It did not take up as much room as muscle cars. With the help of Pinside hobbiests and pinball parts suppliers, I have resurrected a pinball that would have had a short life in a few years.

Now the desire to own a new in the box pinball, is only restrained by my lack of finances. But the good news is that there are two arcades full of new and old pinballs, just 20 minutes away.

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30 days ago

Thanks for sharing your story and how pinball kept you companion in your life wherever you went. New in box is indeed nice but breathing new life in an old one is also rewarding as you know.

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