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9 years ago
Don't get put off by the title of this game as it is a great, fun pinball. The volcano shot through the bumpers is one of the most satisfying shots in pinball imo.
9 years ago
John Borg absolutely nailed this table. Artwork is the best imo on a modern pinball (Wolverine). Code update 1.24 just shows the potential this game has if they continue along the same lines.
10 years ago
One of the best packages overall IMO, theme absolutely nailed.
10 years ago
Fun game, with great backbox animation. Some really nice tight shots.
10 years ago
One of my favourite games. Great theme, music and flow. Topper is great. Never get sick of playing it and would probably be the last to go in my collection.
10 years ago
Fortunate to play one of these last year. Great flow, awesome theme and dmd animation. Classic Mark Ritchie. Hope this gets remade.