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tonymiddendorf has written 7 rating comments:

7 years ago
It's a game-changer!
8 years ago
Sure, there aren't many shots, but my buddies and I LOVE playing this machine on location.

The arc multiball is something that's always satisfying.

I don't enjoy the PF art much. Even though I'm not a fan of the series, I find myself thinking about some of the call outs.
8 years ago
What is there to say that hasn't already been said? This game is fantastic!

My only negative:
I don't find the castle toy to be that cool. I LOVE the shots, but the castle blowing up doesn't really do it for me.
8 years ago
Black Belt was a limited run for Bally/Midway. It's cabinet has generic side art and is made of the crappy composite board Bally/Midway used at that time.

I quite enjoy the theme and objective behind Black Belt. The objective is to advance your belt color from green belt all the way to Black Belt. Each belt progression increases your playfield multiplier. To complete a belt, you must attack 5 body parts of your opponent. Right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and body. The leg shots are each a series of 3 standup targets on either side of a saucer in the middle of the playfield. the saucer is the body shot. The left and right arms are 2 different shots on a self-feeding ramp. This ramp is the most unique part of the pin. The top right flipper is inverted, so you need to shoot DOWN the playfield at the ramp. If you hit the shot, it loops around and feeds to the top left flipper, where you can take a shot at that side of the ramp. With correct timing, you can essentially pass the ball back and forth via the ramp, scoring bg points, extra ball, and hold bonus. After each ball launch, you've got a shot at the inverted flipper shot.

There are also 2 sets of 3 drop targets a little lower on the playfield. Completing all 6 advances your bonus multiplier.

Unfortunately, that's about all there is to this game. There are certainly games from this era with many more shots.

This game is worth a few plays if you see it somewhere, just for the ramp shots. It's fairly fun, can probably be had for cheap (if you can find it), but doesn't provide real lasting appeal.

The gameplay is fairly linear.

I enjoy this game. If I had a larger collection, I would have kept it, but in a smaller collection it doesn't quite provide the wow factor.
8 years ago
Skateball is a great early SS game. Fairly straightforward rule set: 1) hit drop targets 2) build up your multiplier 3) earn that extra ball.

It's the younger brother to the legendary Flash. Personally, I like the theme and art on Skateball more than Flash. I realize I am in the minority on that one.

Skateball plays fast, has great flow, and is a drop target paradise! But, don't shoot at the middle bank. It's a sucker's shot where you're probably going to wind up with a ball straight down the middle.

It's unfortunate that Skateball does not have a multiball feature: if so, this game would be a MONSTER!

Unfortunately, lots of the playfields get really worn on the crossover plunger shot and in the orbit shot. I'm luck enough to have come across a NOS playfield to bring mine back to life.

It's hard to call Skateball underrated because those that have played it give it high praise. But, it is certainly not recognized as often as it could be.

It really is a great player. My first pin. When I bought it, I had no idea what I was buying. It's all been downhill from there :)
8 years ago
Panthera is quite the vixen!

I think the playfield art is beautiful. The art fills up the widebody very well. Unfortunately, the widebody is NOT filled up by many interesting things to shoot at.

The objective of the game is to put out all of the rollover colors. Once a rollover is hit, that same color lights up in front of each corresponding drop target. Hit the lit drop target for a bonus increase and points. Hit all three of that color and increase your multiplier. The best scores come when you've got all 4 rollover colors hit and you've hit each drop target.

The game remembers which colors you've hit and the colors don't reset until you've completed EACH set of drop targets, very very cool feature.

With a good game, it's easy to roll this game over (6 digit display). But she can be very frustrating!

It's a fun game to try and roll over, that goal is what gives her any sort of lasting appeal. Other than that, it's just an OK game.
8 years ago
SFII is a very unique pin that plays very similar to it's video game counterpart. The objective is to beat all 12 fighters and enter Champion Mode. In Champion Mode, all shots are lit and if you hit them all, you are declared the Grand Master!

Yes, the backglass is ugly. The only nice part about it is Chun-Li's butt!

I really love the color blue that's used throughout the game.

I've replaced the flasher lamps with blue LEDs and it add a lot to the lighting show.

SFII is easy to pick up and understand. It is VERY linear. It is also very stop-and-go; each time you defeat an opponent, you choose your reward with the left or right flipper button.

This is a game that everyone should play at least once because it is so unique. It's not for everyone though.

You would really have to love this game for it to last in a small collection. I feel its a GREAT fit for a large collection though.