My Background Tony01

My Background Tony01

By Tony01

July 16, 2012

6 years ago

As many pin folks, I was memorized by arcade games when I was a kid. I believe it was the sounds and lights for me, however, I was more into the video games at the time. I could play video games with a few quarters for hours playing space invaders, pacman, breakout, and astroids. However, I could never master the pin, when I was a kid. Years go by and now I'm raising a family. One day I got the Williams classic pinball video game for my son's Playstation 2. And there it was my memories of the sounds on my TV! Those beautiful bleeps and buzzes! Soon I got the controller from my son and started to play some pinball. After a little while, I started to achieve all the table goals. My wife even mentioned to us her memorial days of playing Funhouse and skillball at the jersey shore. One day I took my kids to the local bowling alley, I found the Simpson Party Pinball machine, this pin is a 100 times funner (I know that's not a word, but I like it!) than that PS2 game. I knew right there and then I was a pinball addict. The next day I took my family to Dave & Busters in Philly. To my very disappointing shock, no pinball machines on location at all!!! When I got home that day, I started surfing the web for places where I can play. Delaware is not furnished with enough pinball. For the past year, I have traveled far and near to purchase pins so I can play at home. I have lost sleep thinking that the next pin i'm hunting for may be gone, or someone has over bid me. I'm still pissed off that guy who undersold me a Cyclone for $50 while I was driving to his place to pick it up. I would have gladly paid him more. But life goes on, my wife likes to play too, I'm pretty lucky, however, she said I have enough now. I don't think that enough pins is possible. But room is getting tighter, maybe I'll trade a few, when i'm ready to sell. I immensely enjoy having friends over playing these pins and just listening to the bleeps and buzzes. I'm glad I got into pins, I enjoy playing as much as tuning them. Most people think I turned into a dork and spend too much money, but they can go to hell. I'll never grow up and why would I? Well, that's my story, I hope I can meet other pinsiders around the DE area and get some tips. Keep Flippin!

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5 years ago
Great backround story. Mabey Dave and busters has some now!
66 days ago
Tony, it's great to read your story about how you've rediscovered pinball in your adulthood. I'm certainly in a similar position as I've just started collecting 6 months ago and I pick up my 3rd pin tomorrow! I live in Germany now but I'm moving back to Sussex County next summer. Maybe we can meet sometime in the future. All the best,

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