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5 years ago
This is a strange one, too difficult for location play and not deep enough for home play. It does look pretty cool, I would say it has the best lightshow in pinball. I love the challenge but once you get the shots down it doesn't leave much to explore. I can't take a lot of the callouts either, they definitely can get on your nerves after a few games.
5 years ago
I shopped one of these for a local guy and got to know it pretty well. You can tell this was a low budget game due to the very poor production quality, specifically the artwork and sound. There are some difficult shots, but after playing a couple dozen games I had them dialed in and most of the challenge was gone. The features that I found unique and fun were the time lock jackpot, which is basically a hurry up to lock two balls within a certain time window of one another, and how the gates open up allowing orbit shots during certain times that aren't normally available. The detour ramp seems like an afterthought and the saucer next to it bounces out more than half the time. Not a bad game but it certainly isn't a keeper as you will get bored very quickly with how repetitive the gameplay goals and sounds become.
5 years ago
This is everything a pinball machine should be and pretty much the ultimate table for me. The only reason it's not a perfect 10 is because of the playfield obstructions and how dark it is in the back. This has the best artwork, best theme integration and some of the highest production quality in all of pinball. The rules play a bit like a System 11. They are simple and you always know what to do, but doing it every time is incredibly difficult. This is the kind of game that rewards accuracy and punishes missed shots, ultimately making you a better player. After every game you feel like you were so close and it leaves you itching to play one more game. When you do finally hit that Super with the multiplier cranked way up, it's maybe the biggest rush in pinball. John Trudeau's masterpiece and one of the all time classics.
5 years ago
A great theme and clever execution. Really my only concern with this game is the lastability. As with most mode based games they can become a bit of a grind if you play very often. This flaw is exaggerated quite a bit in RFM and Ep1 due to the videos you are doomed to watch over and over. I don't think this is one that I would want to own but I do enjoy playing it every time I see it and wish this platform had a better chance to grow.
5 years ago
Crate full of gimmicks. There is so much to like about this game at fist that I can't believe how fast I got sick of it. I think racing themes are fantastic for pinball but this game just has no flow. The speedometer and pit stop hole add about as much to the game as the spinning wheel and key start. They are entertaining for the first few plays but after that you are just searching for anything else to do. The only reason I didn't rate the sound as low as possible is because you can choose the radio station which is cool and a couple of the channels are alright, but the callouts are insufferable.
5 years ago
I grew up on TMNT and this was my first pinball machine, so I had a lot of fun with it despite it's many flaws. The layout isn't terrible but it's pretty much the same as the rest of the DE titles of that era. At first I loved all the sounds and found the sewer shot challenging and rewarding, but after a few months the simplicity and repetitiveness was driving me nuts. I almost couldn't be in the same room as it anymore.

It's a great machine to put on location, it's familiar enough and flashy enough that it draws in a lot of plays. Customers also don't usually stick around enough to get tired of it. I guess it's strongest traits are ultimately it's biggest flaws. The only thing I miss about it is the beautiful mirrored backglass, April's porno tits were pullin on my 12 year old heart strings.
5 years ago
It's tough to rate this game against everything that has come since it, but it still holds up pretty well. I look at this game as the one that really changed the way pinball games were laid out. SS games that came before this still had the same sort of shots and playfield design as their EM forefathers. When set up right this game is fast, flashy and very satisfying once you get the drops knocked down a few times.

It also features what I consider to be the worst art in pinball. I guess I don't even know what the theme is but it has something to do with monkey girls, deformed fingers and men liberally displaying their nipples.
5 years ago
Best value in DMDs. The music, callouts, artwork, animations and theme integration are some of the best in pinball. Two loop shots and like a million wireforms, they sure don't make them like this anymore. You really can feel the weight and width of this thing but I imagine that's what riding the lawmaster would feel like, so that's all part of the immersive experience.
5 years ago
I always thought Taxi was just okay. Then my friend picked one up and put it in our pinball room at a buddies bar. After a few weeks of play and getting to know the rules forwards and backwards...Taxi is the only thing in my life that matters.

I have always been a fan of the System 11 rulesets, simple enough that you always know what you're supposed to do but deep enough to keep you coming back. Taxi stands out because it has the perfect amount of difficulty and balanced scoring. There is no ball save and all the shots are somewhat dangerous and challenging, but all obtainable. Things like the ramp shots give you no reward unless you can hit them consistently and even then it usually just activates a timed shot. Ball lock lets you make another skill shot, which is a true spring plunger requiring actual skill. Two ball multiball is my favorite multiball, especially when it involves a physical lock. In games with 3+ balls during multiball it's just chaos until you get down to 2 balls anyway, so this thing cuts right to the chase and gives you control from the start. Multiball activates two new challenges, both of which require precise control over each ball and reward you with a few hundred thousand points and a ringing of the bell. Other than this your only scoring benefit to having two balls on the table is that you can hit twice as many targets. Taxis multiball isn't some magical ticket to scoring millions of points like in so many WPC games.

This is all well and good, I would be happy playing Taxi until I'm dead simply based upon the aforementioned attributes. Where this machine really shines however, is in tournament play. We play this multiplayer constantly and it really is a different game when you do. If you locked a ball, you had better release it or the next player will. Sure you wanna spell cab for that multiplier, but it's also gonna raise the jackpot and if the player after you had carry passengers and just needs Santa to light it, you're only increasing his score. If you can hit the ramps consistently it's probably safer and more efficient to give airport rides until million is lit, but what if that jackpot hasn't been gotten for a while? Now the strategy changes to picking up characters and nailing that 3.2 mil jackpot before someone else does. The rarity of obtaining extra balls and the fact that the pickups reset after each drain really enhances the skill level required to score well in this game. A couple lucky pickups isn't going to get you on the scoreboard when we all start fresh with each ball. There is no one quick trick to exploit in order to rack up a huge score, both million and jackpot take several difficult shots to be executed before lighting. When our league plays people are usually wondering about while other players play, but when we played Taxi people were gathered around wringing their hands together just waiting to see who stole the ball you locked. If there's a better multiplayer game for hyper-competitive assholes like us who just want to burn their opponents to the ground and jump up and down on their ashes, I am yet to find it.

Theme - Good integration I guess, who really cares.
Artwork - Weird.
Sound - "You give to me ride!"
Rules - The best in pinball.
Playfield Layout - I honestly wouldn't change a thing.
Toys - A real live steel bell in the cabinet that lets the entire neighborhood know you just stole an opponents ball. Plus a lit up topper that looks like they ripped it off an actual cab.