By tommycrum

April 30, 2016

3 years ago

It all started back i guess around 1968 or 69 my uncle had a coffee shop (bergers and fries) kinda thing small place in nothern nj

but it had 3 pinballs and a pool table. my mom started to take us up there for a few weeks at a time during the summer so my uncle could have some free time

well being only 8 9 didn't have a big cash flow so i would ask mom for chores to do and earn those valueable quaters ps (uncle had the vender put red nail polish on about 10 dollars or so ( hence the term in my life red quarters) to be returned to him, what a good uncle. and having acess to 3 diffrent machines that where changed out every couple of months or so for the next 10 15 years made me a em player and now a owner :)

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