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3 years ago
Game of the year!
4 years ago
Game shoots great but the rules are pretty shallow for a stern. Like playing Scared Stiff but much Munsters rules are easier. Positives: shot layout, ramps are great with good flow, Herman and Spot bash toys. Negatives: Herman is too easy to start, Lily and Dragula targets to big and easy to hit, rules are shallow!
Can’t see myself owning it. Just too shallow code ways. I do really like the layout and the way it shots but the rules make it boring and repetitive.
5 years ago
Games a turd. Only game worse is Monte Carlo. Turrible!
5 years ago
Played it at RePlayFx. Game is decent but not that good. Won’t own one.
5 years ago
2 words: Operation ButtF***
6 years ago
Rating this low until it is combines with Centaur like every other game on here that is combined together. Turrible Pinside!
6 years ago
Not fun at all! Turrible!
7 years ago
One trick pony game.
7 years ago
8 years ago
Owned this for about 2 years and couldn’t get into it. The theme just wasn’t great. The rules on the game were better than most. The Gorilla under the playfield to spell Congo is boring. The Volcano VUK is cool. The gameplay is pretty fast. There just wasn’t enough there. Not the best Williams game IMHO.
10 years ago
Played Avengers Pro today at Gameworks. Overall I thought it was a good game but not great.
It was fun to play. Being a fan of the movie I really like the theme. I liked the Iron Man, capt America and Iron Man shots. Black widow ramp was hard but manageable sometimes from the right flipper. The spinning tesseract was better than excepted but didn't get much time on the game to understand what it does. Sorry.
The game had the Loki lock lights in the far upper left corner and didn't seem to work, although I only looked one ball so I was unable to see Loki Multiball. Thought the Hulk toy was cool except for one ball hangup one game by his arm which was moved by a ball search. Hulk Multiball was fun, was able to light him solid on the playfield. Game played well. I didn't think it was lightning fast to me but fast enough.
I didn't care for the Hulk taking up most of the voice on the game (at least the games I played). He did have some funny quotes but his voice wasn't what I was expecting. I didn't notice any combos during the game so I'm not sure if they are in the software. I started the capt America mode and was a little disappointed that you had to hit his shot repeatedly. The code felt very MB & XMen to me. The Hulk saucer was a bitch to get the ball in. I only had one ball go into the saucer and it was a ricochet off of hulk which very softy fell into the saucer.
Overall I liked he game but not enough to buy one. I do hope to play the game some more.
10 years ago
I must admit, when I got into this hobby I over looked this game. This game has a simple layout and rules and lacks a wizard mode. has three stackable multiballs and the game will beat your ass if you blink an eye. Hitting the loop is extremely satisfying, starts bats mode, locks balls for castle Multiball, collects mist Multiball, etc. Mist Multiball is one of the coolest multiballs ever made. A ball floats across the playfield to start the Multiball. You must hit the ball off the magnet or the Multiball will not start. Coffin MB starts from the right ramp and has a flap similar to Whirlwind were a scoop hole is present to lock balls and then get released from the coffin. Stacking all three gives you 3x the score and stack 2 and get 2x. Video mode via the right loop is very cool were you shoot at wolves trying to attack you. The game has lightning flippers which are slightly shorter and make the game more of a challenge. The game artwork and lighting are well done. This game is a keeper for me. At the price they go for, I would recommend one.
12 years ago
Really wanted to like the game. Great theme. Call outs get to repetitive to me and annoying. The game flows nice. Out of all George Gomez games I just like it the least. Pros are the toys. Frankenstein and Dracula toys are great.
12 years ago
WPT gets a bad reviews from it's translite/artwork. The game is a great game. The playfield is wide open but the 16 drop targets make up for it. The rules are DEEP and is one of the deepest rule sets out there. If you love multiballs, this game has tons of them. The mini playfield is a joy when you lock a ball behind the jail bars and then bash it to start "ace in the hole" multiball. If you like a challenge, this game is for you.

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