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1 day ago
I really enjoy this game. Very challenging and addictive! Flipping it over and getting the 100K light is cool.
5 days ago
Owned one for years. While the artwork is awesome, this widebody is a bit boring to play. When next to Black Knight and Xenon it got one play from non pin people while the others were played multiple times.
5 days ago
Love this game! One of my favorite early Stern's. Tough but rewarding shots and a rule set way ahead of it's time. Hoping to add one to my collection.
11 months ago
One of the best if not the best early Bally solid state game. Artwork, sound and game play are top notch.
1 year ago
Have owned a couple of these. Once you get the hang of the horseshoe it gets boring pretty quick. My personal record is 7 consecutive shots around the shoe and trapping the ball to do it again.
1 year ago
A bally classic that never get old. If you get to play one on a clear coated PF that's set up nicely, it rocks!
1 year ago
Have this game in my line-up and I must say it gets more play from non-pin people than any other game. The laugh when you drain is classic!
1 year ago
Had this game in my collection for years and enjoyed it. One of the better Gottlieb EM drop target games.
1 year ago
A fun game I played back in the day on location. For an early Bally SS game it's more challenging than other pins of the late 70's. Artwork is excellent, a trend setter in it's time.