What got me into owning pinball machines

Written by Tom_in_NoVA on May 21st, 2012.


What got me into owning pinball machines

Written by Tom_in_NoVA, published May 21st, 2012. 2 comment(s).

I am an outside sales representative, and I have been for the last 18 years.  Back in the early days of my sales career, few people had cell phones.  Most people had pagers.  When paged, I would go to a nearby hotel to use a payphone.  Hotels in those days had whole rows of payphones, and most hotels had a game room.  I would get quarters out of the game room change machine for the payphone, and then generally I would go back to play a game of pinball or 2.  Well nowadays, there are few (if any) hotel game rooms left, let alone pinball machines.  So...I bought a Shadow.  Then a Diner.  I started fixing games.  Not only my own, but other peoples pins.  Made quite a few good pinball friends.  My collection currently sits at 7.  I would have 100 if I had the room, but I really only have room for 5 or 6.  The only negative I can say about the hobby is the price of the pins, but I do appreciate how they hold there value (if not increase).  Back to pinball.  Tom


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    HELLODEADCITY commented on May 22, 2012 00:24:16

    welcome to the Pinside Tom
    room is always an issue in this hobby and I feel the same way

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    NimblePin commented on May 23, 2012 08:37:25

    I miss those hotel game rooms... : ( My all time favorite was at the Disneyland hotel, it was underwater!!! Welcome aboard Tom!

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