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7 years ago
I expected more from a widebody.
7 years ago
The sequel to Comet keeps the Williams legacy going in a great direction. The amusment park theme is something everyone can relate to, and although the sequence of targets is a bit mor complicated than Comet, the gameplay does not suffer because of the increased complexity. The sound effects are great, and they add to the humor of the machine. RIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL!!!!
7 years ago
The various sounds coming from this machine make it special - the computer audio, bells, and the ringer make it a real attention-getter. The voices are great too - YOU GIVE TO ME RIDE!
11 years ago
I must have dropped $300-$400 into Xenon when i was in college. Now that I have one, it still plays great - the tube shot is one of the most satisfying in all of pinball!