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1 year ago
There are a lot of cheap down the middle drains because so many ramps and shots let it go there. Out lanes are pretty brutal too , especially with that added pop down by the right side. There is a lot of stop and go with the lengthy animations and story lines.
I rented the machine for a month to try to learn it. We will see if I change my mind here and just get better at anticipating ball bounce and geometry. I still like to play it, even though it is a bit of a learning curve. def not a machine to play in the wild.

Though it looks great and sounds great. This LE is a beauty......
2 years ago
This game is challenging and fun. It is a great addition to my small collection and keeps me coming back for more
2 years ago
This game is fun. It is my first spooky game but and audio are dynamite.
It reminds me if TNA was a more modern design and had scoops and ramps.
The playfield is wide open except at the top but that works well for me.
Garage shot is hard but there are many other opportunities for advancing gameplay. Garage shot is a practiced shot for sure
If you have an opportunity. Play it.
This game was perfect....right out of the box.
2 years ago
This game has always been one If the best. It will always be innovative even compared to more modern machines. I'll take this over 80% of stern's output.
3 years ago
This game is too complicated. Short ball times annoying Nedry tilt callouts ....always tilting because you have to make 13 different shots to progress. ARGGGH!
If I was a great shooter this game would be better I guess.
I'm not that good so the game is not that good for me.
I have had one in my house for the last week and it just keeps reminding me that I suck.
Well F%$@ you T-Rex I never wanted a magic Carpet Ride anyway ! Wait ...that was Steppenwolf.
3 years ago
This review is for the pro version with Cleland's sound Mod.
I think that this music and callout modification is critical to the real enjoyment of this game. What was a good game gets taken over the top with a little help in music and movie soundtrack callouts.
The game itself has been described by many as a tighter version of Metallica. This may be true but I have always found Metallica a little too forgiving and I really like the challenge of the tight shot as long as it doesn't fail SDTM. This game doesn't have too many cheap drains. The new 1.06 code has added ball saves and made up for any unjust ball drains IMO.
Really to make a long story short(too late) This game is fun and challenging and handles the theme well. I enjoy this game in my very small collection and will hold on to it for a while I suspect.
3 years ago
This game is what it is. A real world under glass. So many cool toys. When working properly this game is smooth as butter.
As far as rules go, I am not really a competitive player and it just feels good to play.
It feels a bit like putting your quarters into an automaton and watching it do its thing

very pretty
6 years ago
Ok...I just got this machine but I have been playing a pro for the last few months and I have really enjoyed it. I never really felt robbed with a SDTM or outlane just challenges me to play better. It doesn't have the flow of a Richie game but it does move fast. I am still learning the game but I love to play it so there is that. I'm sure I'll update this as I play more.
9 years ago
Wow..this game pretty much rules. I haven't had too long on it but I got to play the LE for a 40 minutes or so ..I just want more. It is fast and fun and is the no doubt the pinnacle of Pin fun-tech. I just wish SR would design another original non licensed game. what can I say?
10 years ago
Wow...what a great game. It has so much to do and there is so much diversity in the experience. I would love to own one of these. fast fun and really gets the blood flowing......A Whole lotta Rosie indeed!
10 years ago
I think there are few pins as good as this game. Awesome modes, sound ,animation and art....there is no weakspot here. It deserves its A list status
10 years ago
This machine is pretty addicting....the ramps are great and the difficulty keeps me trying. I love the artwork and the DMD animations. The shaker motor is always present to bring you in...crucial. Did I mention the 6 ball Electric Chair multiball? if the cad drawingas were just better the crypt would have been easier to hit from the lower flippers...but oh well makes it a bit more challenging.
10 years ago
This game is very fun. I got it for my 12 year old daughters but they have to fight me to play it now. The playfield has a nice flow(it is Jpop) and the ramp aesthetic reminds me of CV. The backglass is lame though.
not sure how often ill use the magnet save..seems to be just a gimmick.
10 years ago
This game has great sound,animations and plays very nice. The kids love it and I really like the story line and plot aspects.
10 years ago
I really like this game. It is very simple but it is fun and based off the best film in the franchise. It iis limited in scoring options true but it plays smooth and feels good to make the shots that are available. I had a Batman forever which has a cannon, and this cannon still beats it in performance. put some LED in this thing and it looks amazing. I think this game is worth keeping,because it is not really worth selling ;)
10 years ago
pretty deep pin, a varied shot selection.. the PF and cab art work is great shooting the cannon is fun. This is a fun pin. the large DMD looks amazing...It feels solid unlike other Sega/ DE I've played....My son enjoys it as well and well, that is important.

I will have to agree with Tamore. the sound is great but the stock delivery system doesn't do it justice...I will have to get some new speakers to hear the machine how it should have been coming out of the factory. I just wonder how the audio design guys were ok with that, ...even in the 90's It could have sounded better(i.e. BSD 2 years earlier)
10 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this machine at the Rocky Mtn Pinball showdown this weekend....i loved it so much I bought it. It is not a deep game, but it is fun and just plain strange. Fits my collection well and my 8 year old enjoys it as well. Not as classically beautiful as HH or BH but more fun then either.....I even got an extra heart.
10 years ago
This game is just fun. Filled with things to keep anybody happy. Newbie and pinhead alike are going to enjoy every game. There is a reason this game is coveted
10 years ago
This machine is HEAVY METAL! beating 500,000 is quite a challenge....You know the best thing about Gorgar? I keep getting older and He just stays the same age!
10 years ago
I just love it! the game play is varied because of the 3 play fields, you don't really miss multiball. I know there is a mod, but why? ball times are pretty short but it is so cool once you get used to the 2 sets of flipper buttons. This is a great old school play and scoring is easy to figure out but hard to put into action. The play field and cabinet are beautiful, like a good pinball should be. don't let the horror stories of sys80 machines detour you from owning one because the parts for this machine aren't that hard to get. Do the ground mod if you want...but everyone should own one of these for a while, it reminds you of why you played them as a kid.
10 years ago
This game is fun for all ability levels. It's that simple, better than a lot of pins that have much higher ratings, that is for shizzle.
10 years ago
I got the chance to play this game in a private collection today with a Sub and it is awesome...The game has the coolest toys and playfield. It feels like a much better Junkyard but with awesome sound and multiballs! If you haven't played a well maintained example you should because it would blow your mind. There should be more love for this game....
11 years ago
Cyclone is a great stylish game designed by Barry Oursler. I tend to like his designs for some reason I own a Gorgar and really want a Junkyard as well as a BSD. Anyhow the artwork by Anghelo , which is original ,reminds me of a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comic or something by R Crumb and it is still a great family game. It doesn't take itself too seriously and even though there is no multiball it is a rewarding play. I love original concepts and I love theme this game probably won't be going anywhere for quite a while.

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