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3 years ago
A breath of fresh air!
4 years ago
I personally think everyone should rate this game at a "B"
"B" for with that being said.....when you walk up to the game the game is simply " Beautiful " in every aspect, it looks beautiful,it looks like it would be fun as heck to play,it looks like they hit this one out of the park,however once you start playing it turns into a beautiful coffee table at best.
To make matters worse JJ spends 2 years focusing on the biggest part of the game the famous 3 Spinning Disc saga in which everyone interested in this game agrees was extremely Cool to say the least. 2 years every interview,podcast and Pinball enthusiast loved this feature and got everyone's attention in whereas if consumers could afford this game or not this was a game people decided regardless if they were going to be able to eat for the next 6 months that their decision was made that they were going to get on the list and put down a deposit.
The takeaway on the spinning disc saga was a simple Silver Ball decision in which they dropped the ball.When they dropped that feature for the reasons they had laid out I personally think they had to drop that price $500 because all the hype and price increases surrounded that design,that was a no brainer however JJ took it out,left the price the same and rolled the dice and the dice came up SNAKEEYES.At the end consumers would of backed JJ with tons of respect in dropping the price $500 and wouldn't have bailed on their deposits. Consumers also would have rated the game higher and for the most part kept it In their collection because consumers very much appreciated all the extra work and thought JJ puts into their games and even thou they at the last minute took the Spinning Discs out of the game plus keeping the chest open at all times at that point they should of dropped the price $500.I think consumers would have given great respect and left their deposits where they were but they didn't and that's like advertising for 2 years a Porsche Turbo and then taking away the Turbo.Well if I ordered a Turbo and waited 2 years then they took it away and left the price the same then I take away my money which sounds right on par.
At the end of the day I'm not mad I'm extremely happy because I'm gonna get an Iron Maiden Premium/Le :)
4 years ago
Extremely fun
6 years ago
Why do people rate a game based on the lack of information they have to play it
Over and over I see people say the LOCK works only 25%...Learn how to play the game!!!!!
You have to shoot the lock 3 times before you can lock it so if you don't it's not gonna toss it in the toybox and if you paid attention to the LCD you would see that
6 years ago
Great Game
6 years ago
Wow this game is just "Pure Pedal to the Metal Fun,Everything just Rocks, compared to AC/ DC Asmith is better however if you like AC/DC's you love Asmith. I saw somebody rated this game a 6 and probably rated the Jetsons a 10.
Bottom line: if you like Rock music
If you like Pinball
If you like Aerosmith this pin is a winner!!!!!

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