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Pinsider tmort has rated 12 machines.

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tmort has written 12 rating comments:

6 years ago
I have heard lots about this game but haven't had a chance to play it. Enjoy the Iron Man movies and finally bought the game. Very challenging game, lots of fun. It is a challenging game for sure, but that is what makes it great.
Was hoping Stern might reproduce some more, so I could pick up a new one. That didn't happen so glad I got a chance to pick an exc. condition used one.
Love the voice clips and music.
Overall, I would highly recommend this game if you like quick games.
7 years ago
This was a game-changer for pinball. My buddies and I found this in an arcade in Saskatoon in 1980 and were blown away. Compared to the great games from the past 20 years
The BK doesn't compare but it set the standard for the great ones.
7 years ago
This game is much better than it is rated. I rated this prior to loading the version 23 software. Bt nit is a fun game that kicks your butt. Fast, furious, and fun. The magnets really make this a wild ride. The voices are a little annoying but I can look beyond that and have some great games.
7 years ago
This is a fun game with a great theme. Not at the top of my list but a great 90's game.
8 years ago
What a great game. We bought the game a couple months ago and there is always one of our family playing it. Great theme for fun and for lots of mods. Love the deep rule set too. Highly recommend this game.
8 years ago
Really good game. First chance to really play it was at a hotel we were at and we must've played it at least a dozen times. Very fun and addicting.
8 years ago
A buddy owns this game and I have had quite a few games on it. What a fun theme! Lots of action and challenges. Chance for some huge bonuses. Love the theme. Not a big fan of the hologram, but it doesn't effect the gameplay at all.
8 years ago
We bought this game without playing it. It was quickly a favorite or mine once I started getting some games on it. Very fun gameplay and uses the toys exceptionally well. Love the trunk and how it starts multivalve by picking the ball up with a magnet! Great game.
8 years ago
We used to own the game but it didn't grow on me as much as I hoped. We also haveTZ and I found almost to many similarities between the two. Fun theme though. Found the left flipper shots pretty limited.
8 years ago
My favorite game so far. Love the LOTR theme, so it is a natural for me that I'd love the game.
8 years ago
We own this game. It is my wife and daughter's favorite game to play. I find it isn't challenging enough but I prefer a deeper rule set. Fun theme and it is the favorite of many people who come over to play pins.
8 years ago
This was the first A list game I bought. Love the theme and the challenge of the game.