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3 years ago
Tired of games that take themselves too seriously, I have found this to be one of the best games of the modern era. Tremendous theme integration, and in the context of a fun and comedic show. A popular game with kids and guests, it has rare staying power and depth to keep experienced players coming back. Lots to do with an upper playfield and five total flippers. It is more stop and go like LOTR instead of a flow machine like AC/DC, and game times can run long. ColorDMD is a must have upgrade.
4 years ago
Fast, bright and fun. A combination of the Star Trek lightshow with a Lord of the Rings theme. The LE is a very different experience from the Pro, the upper playfield affects gameplay significantly. The game does not feel as deeply integrated into the theme as it could be, maybe more voice actor callouts could tie it in deeper. The game is easy to play, but very difficult to master. It should be in my collection for a long time, I've had probably 20 DMD pins and this is the first one my wife likes. Go figure.
6 years ago
This game is Stern's response to WOZ. ST is beautiful to look at, and the light play brilliantly interacts with game play. Play is fast and smooth. I am not a huge fan of Abrams movies, but this is still a great theme. I am hoping for a new backglass without the actor's ugly mugs on it, then this will be a 10/10 machine. Get one while you have the chance.
7 years ago
Sure it is an easy game, but it is fun. A great game for casual players, or to share with your less skilled friends. The rule set is not deep, but it is very easy to follow. It is a fun/easy game, with a fun theme, but likely too shallow for the advanced player.
8 years ago
This is not a traditional pin, but is the culmination of the efforts of the world's greatest pinball developers in a radical and innovative way. This game is a shining example of sheer creativity, imagination, and pure FUN. At the end of the day, this is a very fun game. This gets a lot of play from friends, and is a continued favorite with the entrie family. The playfield is beautiful, and the theme is fun. The smaller Pinball2000 playfield takes away in the sense of a traditional pin, but the animations and graphics more than make up for it. For anyone who grew up in an arcade with pinball machines and video games, this game is a beautiful and enjoyable cross over that is a great addition to a small or midsized home arcade. Can be had for a great price!
8 years ago
I fight for the users, and love TRON pinball. Great theme, gameflow, but the backglass hurts my eyes. Fun, innovative, and easy on the mainenance. An instant classic.
8 years ago
Heartbreakingly disappointing, just like the movie it was based on. Biggest theme of all time, but the game feels unfinished, almost amateurish and simple. Revenge from Mars is a much better example of Pinball 2000.
8 years ago
If you love the theme you will like the game better, but for the rest the game is lacking in things to do. Looks great in a home for the kids, but adults will quickly tire. The theme inflates the price.
8 years ago
Solid game, solid price, solid theme. If you can find one in nice shape it can be a great addition.
8 years ago
Underrated game well suited for family play. The game is lacking expensive toys, but the colored rails nicely engage the player in a roller coaster theme. Not deep, and reasonably easy, the game will not be well received by hardcore enthusiasts who value a more popular theme, more toys, and deeper game play. This is a fun game designed by one of the best in the business, to do a lot inexpensively and with low maintenance.
8 years ago
Great game for a new pinball owner or family. The T-Rex eats the ball, one of the coolet novelties in modern pinball games. Good theme you won't be embarassed to have in your home, and looks great with LED's. Not a great game, but a solid game that will keep the casual player's interest.
8 years ago
Deep play, lots of action, and lots of fun for a bargain price. Fun game that is better if you have never seen the movie it is based on. Definitely recommend for the pinball player who is looking for a lot of value without spending $5000 for an "A List" game.