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1 year ago
I've never been a true Iron Maiden fan, but I think I may start to be. This is just one of those games that when you saw it, you knew it was special...a world under glass! A VERY refreshing design from Stern Pinball!

Stern FINALLY released a game with solid code right out of the starting gate. I had one gripe about the code, but that seems to have been rectified (.97 seemed to start too frequently in Flight of Icarus).

The playfield features, layout and rules clearly have a considerable amount of thought given to them. The differentiation in modes is nice and keep gameplay interesting. There's plenty to do and and what is there is fun! Don't let the amount of mode inserts fool you. There things hidden in the game that will keep you coming back for more. No action button is a plus! Some people whine about the quality of the animations, but I think they're spot on. You're playing pinball, not watching a movie. The LCD also keep you well informed of what's going on and your progress. This game is so good, the only rating ding I can think of would be a lack of toys and gimmicks, however, the Sarcophagus Lock is pretty cool. I'm actually happy there's no giant bash toy staring at me.

All you need to say about the artwork is Zombi Yeti. He helps bring you into the Iron Maiden world. I had originally ordered a premium, but when an LE came up locally at a decent price, I jumped. After the reveal of the premium artwork, I was glad I had grabbed the LE. I personally prefer the LE artwork. This game is parked on the end of the row so everyone can see it! LOOK AT ALL THOSE EDDIES!

I was very happy with the music and the sound quality. Add a Pin-Vol and free standing subwoofer and you're right there where you want to be.

As for the lighting, although I am not a fan of the typical color bombed GI, I do love the color changing GI in this game and most games that have it. I think it's a real mood enhancer, especially with the mode music and animations.

I have absolutely zero buyer regrets upgrading to the LE and expect this game to stay here for a VERY LONG TIME!

2 years ago
The trick to this game (and others from the same era) is to find one that set up correctly and properly maintained, i.e. not too shallow/floaty, good flippers and properly gapped switches.

Many people get this game and don't invest anymore time or money into it but when you do the payoff is there with a fast, challenging game that has you beckoning for more. This game will teach you nudging and flipper skills and will also have you cursing when you get double flipper bitched!

Factor in the AMAZING artwork on the backglass and playfield and you've got one of Ballys best solid state games!
5 years ago
Fun game but easy to work through...ramp, chair, mode, repeat. Typical Pat Lawlor design elements.
5 years ago
Faster than its bigger brothers and a light show a little less spectacular than the same, it's still a solid game all the way around. Also, like the its big brothers, it needs a little more work in the code department. AWESOME flow!

My only gripe is the translite art. It could have been SO much better!
5 years ago
Very fun game with tremendous flow. The game is deceptively simple but the rules need more work, especially on the first level. The light show, sounds and custom dots are probably some of the best of the late model Sterns. The dots are a nice change from the digitized movie clips of the past. It's a little slower than the Pro model, but other than that, the gameplay is very close between the two. The bling on the cabinet of the LE adds to the visual appeal. Watch out for when the Vengeance shoots the ball back at you!
5 years ago
Played 5 different machines and just can't get into this game. Hoping for more from The Hobbit.
5 years ago
I enjoyed the game on the old code. When 1.50 came out, WOW! It became a must have and I bought the game.

The art, sounds, dots, rules, lighting, layout and toys make this a complete package. Bravo, Stern! For those of you avoiding this game due to the theme and music, you're missing out. When you get this game rocking, it is just an absolute blast! It's got plenty of unique modes that tie into the music and lighting seamlessly. This one is DEFINITELY a long term keeper. Watch it climb the Pinside Top 100!

Per Stern Pinball, there's more to come. Are you serious?!? I can't wait!
6 years ago
It has a few obscure rules to figure out but the more you play it and figure out what's going on, the better it is. It's similar to Iron Man in that is a simple lay out, with great rules and kicks your ass! Add a shaker, upgrade the audio and HANG ON!

The 1.74 update took a very good game and only made it better!
7 years ago
I had it for a few years. Great rules and fun WHEN I played it, I just didn't play it much. Adaptation of the theme to a pin was fantastic! Shaker is a MUST in this game!!!
7 years ago
GREAT license, toys and artwork! The rules are a little on the weak side but a fun game. I'd like to have one pass through my hands someday.
7 years ago
It's a klassic! Lawlor at his best! Many shots and a whole lot to do. It's a shame it wasn't a DCS system.
7 years ago
Owned it. It's gone. Basically a re-theme of AFM with more shots up the middle. Cool toys. I replaced it with AFM and I find AFM more enjoyable...theme, humor and gameplay.

Good game, but I personally don't think it deserves the rating that it gets.
7 years ago
I love this game! Fast and in your face! No other game screams just one more game like Iron Man does. Don't let the simple layout trick you into thinking this game is a dud. The rules and gameplay make up for the seemingly simple layout and it will punish you for making bad shots. Sounds and music are great but it needs a subwoofer to take it over the top.

If I could keep only one, this one would probably be it!
7 years ago
This game has it all and was my first NIB purchase! I first saw the Premium/LE at the Texas Pinball Festival and was impressed with the light show, even with the early code. The sound was amazing! After playing it, the deal was sealed and it was ordered. It has since only gotten better with the code updates.

Don't let the B/W snobs fool you...this is one slick machine from Stern and, if not their best, it's certainly in their top 3!