Tkaye's tale...

By Tkaye

March 20, 2013

6 years ago

Not much of a story to tell here most of you, I grew up loving pinball and always dreamed of owning one. Today, my dream became reality and my first pin has arrived.

T2 I believe was a good choice. Don't believe it will be my last...thanks for stopping by!

Update #1. 2nd machine being delivered tonight...My first NIB! Tron! Very exciting! T2 may be traded soon for an lotr I've got my eye on...stay tuned!

Update #2...Deal is struck to trade T2 for lotr. Delivery next week...

#3...lotr is in T2 out. Also have a TZ on hold coming on a container now. Expected in the next 2-3 months. Gives me time to save some $$$ and mod and play my Tron and lotr!

#4 TZ has arrived and is powered up. Now for my first shop job...

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