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Touch Screen Pinball

By TJGilbert21

September 15, 2019

1 year ago

I have been fascinated by pinball for as long as I can remember, enraptured by the game's breathtaking and seamless blend of art and engineering. But it wasn't until FarSight Studios came out with the Pinball Arcade, allowing me for the first time to play real pinball on my phone, that I truly fell in love with the silver ball. I admit, my entire 94-game collection of pins is all contained within my Pinball Arcade app, but I have made it a point to seek out the physical versions of the games and try them out whenever I could, and I hope that one day I will be able to own a few phyical copies of my favorite tables as well. For now, due to lack of space and capital, I am content to continue honing my flipper skills on my iPad.

I am disappointed and beyond saddened that FarSights has thus far been unable to renew their WMS licensing agreement. I hope one day in the near future, they will be able to obtain the necessary licenses again so they can not only bring the Pinball Arcade back to its former glory, but also expand it beyond its prior limits. There will truly never be anything like playing pinball with a real, physical machine, but I have to thank the Pinball Arcade for introducing me to most of the tables I know and love, and I'm truly rooting for FarSight Studios' success in the future.

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