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10 years ago
I picked up this pin for a good price. I like Arnold, the RPG, and all. Only complaint is the field seems a bit crowded with so many ramps and loops. Almost seems like you can't miss hitting something (but still fairly challenging. I'll keep it for a bit for sure.
10 years ago
My buddy got this machine recently. Really enjoy the pin. Lit very well. Sinking ship is awesome. People on here seem to bum out at the plastic ramps. I like them better cause they are not a stand out in the game and you can see through to the other cool elements. Like the fun sounds (sword fighting, yo ho or for the gangstas out there hoe, etc). Sounds bits remind me more of the ride than the movie. So keep that in mind and you won't be so bummed about the voice not being Johnny D. My only complaint is the perfect drain coming out of the right loop. Irritating and kills my game too often and having flippers up down and being fast doesn't help.
11 years ago
don't like guns and roses and didn't like the pin much either (both facts not related).
11 years ago
after playing it a few times it grew on me. wouldn't mind having one
11 years ago
i want it.. i want it.. i want it!!!!
11 years ago
i like it but am starting to wear thin on it. Wish williams would have stuck around to keep this idea going and improving on it with the machines they had in the works. But this game is better the the other pin 2000. Glad i have this over star wars episode 1
11 years ago
i own the 3rd edition of this game made in 2005. i have all the new artwork etc and it looks great (at least compared to the old machine). From what i understand the machine is the same as the original except the art work has changed (also my machine vibrates like a harley.. not sure if that's on the original game either). I like the game. Fast play, and there's enough going on to keep my focus. The only thing i would knock it on is the pop up blocker in between the flippers (seems like cheating) but at times the game picks up to a fast pace especially with all the balls dumping out of the Harley store compartment at once (so it seems needed at times to make the game fair).
11 years ago
I've owned this game twice now. this is my second one and the condition of my current machine is great. All the red is bright, everything works including (the hard to find working) mist multiball function. I enjoy the Drucula theme and all the sounds from the movie. Enjoyable game especially when you get both the castle multiball and coffin lock multiball going at the same time for big points. Plan on keeping this game for awhile. Also for such a good game it's a very reasonable price.
12 years ago
I really like this game. I liked it so much i went and bought one. I'm a fan of Dirty Harry and this game is full of all his famous quotes. Also in the game there's a gun you get to utilize to shoot skill shoot on the playfield (along with the ball launcher being Harry's 44 Magnum). I like the cabinet art which is bright and colorful. It shows a city backline with Harry wielding his smoking gun. The playfield is fun. There are some good ramp shoots and the playfield toys are pretty cool.
12 years ago
For an older machine this is really fun. I like the card theme and the back glass looks great. Also like that you have to shoot the cards on the side to make hands. Like i said good fun for an older machine