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Bally, 1989
Purchased December 2012


Williams, 1976

“NOTE: This is a prototype Solid State version of Aztec. Not an EM. Prototype backglass = excellent PF = very good, some insert cupping cabinet = above average/VG ”

Purchased November 2008

Big League Baseball

Chicago Coin, 1955

“Cabinet = 6 (heavy cigarette staining) BG = 6 (some repaint) PF = 7 ”

Purchased February 2017

Black Hole

Gottlieb, 1981
Purchased January 2015

Black Sheep Squadron

Astro Games, 1979

“Playfield a 9 BG = 6 Cabinet = 8.5 (now that I've cleaned it up and repainted the legs) Minor electronic issues at first; now fixed and lasted all 5 days at Chicago 2012 Expo this year without incident.”

Purchased August 2012


Capcom, 1996
Purchased January 2019

Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Bally, 1976
Purchased September 2018


Data East, 1991

“picked up, non-working. Ended up working fine, except I broke DMD bringing home. ”

Purchased July 2015

Eight Ball

Bally, 1977

“BG = 9 (one very small scratch) PF = 6-7 (little wear... very filthy) Plastics = 8 only right sling has slight blemish Cabinet = 6-7 (structure good, filthy, whole added for coin-up button in front) MPU board has battery corrosion and fails boot at various LED blinks... will need repairing. ”

Purchased May 2013

Fireball Home Edition

Bally, 1976

“Got free. Dead CPU. Broke perfect backglass. Repaired power supply, found out bad CPU board. UPDATED -- have since installed John Robertson's replacement CPU chip into board and it's working & playing great (for a home model)”

Purchased May 2012


Williams, 1980

“non-working when bought. Cabinet = 7 PF = 7 BG = 6.5 ...but this is a "grail machine" for me, so already bought new CPR PF and plastics and will be doing full restore ”

Purchased August 2012


Williams, 1979
Purchased January 2015

High Roller Casino

Stern, 2001

“Coin mechs jammed with tokens. Came with older ROMs.”

Purchased March 2014


Data East, 1992

“Mostly working except most GI out. (bridge on PS was bad). Filthy. Cabinet head ding'd. Overall, 7/10 when procured. ”

Purchased April 2022


Williams, 1988
Purchased January 2019

Lucky Seven

Williams, 1978
Purchased June 2019


Bally, 1971

“Water damaged head... all mechs on all reels "frozen" solid. Replaced all score reels with replacements from a eBay win for $25.00. All other head mechs completely torn down, cleaned, and rebuilt. Backglass a 90% loss of paint. After shopping out rest of game.... works perfect & fun. German re-import.”

Purchased October 2008

Night Rider

Bally, 1977
Purchased June 2013


Bally, 1973
Purchased July 2017

Old Chicago

Bally, 1976

“Non-working (score motor issues) - doesn't reset Backglass = 9 Playfield = 7 Cabinet = 5 (extreme fade) ”

Purchased August 2019


Williams, 1973
Purchased July 2008


Bally, 1978
Purchased May 2011

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Stern, 2002
Purchased September 2019

Solar City

Gottlieb, 1977

“PF = 7-8 Pretty good...little wear. Plastics = 4-5 several broken (and taped) plastics BG = 6 Title red letters flaking. several small rubbed-off scratches. Cabinet = 6 Appears repainted & filthy. Machine plays & scores all OK.”

Purchased May 2013

Space Invaders

Bally, 1980
Purchased December 2015

Star Trek

Data East, 1991
Purchased January 2015

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Williams, 1993

“Installed PinLED Fliptronics board. Repaired hacked audio caps. (owner previous to Tom) LED treatment. Adding Hallmark toys. Installed GLM flipper button boards in 2011. Installed new black legs.”

Purchased January 2009

Star Wars (Premium)

Stern, 2017

“Premium Replaced plastic with metal leg protectors new out of box at MGC during setup. Installed real knocker and lighted flipper buttons. Changed coin rejects to red (from stock yellow).”

Purchased April 2018

Star Wars Episode I

Williams, 1999
Purchased September 2019


Gottlieb, 1995
Purchased September 2010

Strikes and Spares

Bally, 1978

“MPU corrosion rebuild... but otherwise, appears to have been possible HUO with sealed instruction pack & goodie bag in coinbox, etc. ”

Purchased May 2009

Time Machine

Data East, 1988
Purchased September 2013

Time Warp

Williams, 1979
Purchased July 2017

TRON: Legacy (Pro)

Stern, 2011

“Bought NIB”

Purchased May 2013

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