Tim's Pinball Story

By TimBoch

April 23, 2019

33 days ago

My love for pinball began when I was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade. My dad often brought me along during his weekly bowling league and I would spend the hours watching his team bowl, run beer bottles back and forth, organize the balls, do some scoring and yes....play pinball. I was given a dollar each night at the bowling alley to play pinball. 1 game for a dime, 3 games for a quarter. I was hooked.  Around 8th grade, around 1979, my mother brought me over to a co-workers house where the husband bought, repaired and sold pinball machines. He had a basement full of machines he was working on and a garage full of machines to play that were for sale. I spent the next months, bugging my parents constantly about getting a pinball machine. Finally one came in that my parents could afford. Bought "as is" but believed to be fully working. Bally Hi Deal became a member of the family. It spent about 40 years in my parents basement. Often my mom and I would clean it and play it until I went off to college and it got played less and less. I finally convinced my father to let me bring it to my house about 8 years ago. Then again moved it to my current home where it first was placed in my family room and later, moved to a basement I finished into a game room. More pinball machines have joined the collection along with other games since then, but pinball is always the game that is played. There are just a few choices now.

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18 days ago
Awesome story!

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