Mid life crisis

By Tiltboss

July 18, 2019

36 days ago

 Grew up playing diner terminator two and many others at pinball plus in Encinitas. Fast forward 25 or 27 years later and my friend has five games at his house takes me two years to get over and finally play some even though I know somewhere deep down I love pinball and then when I finally do BAM I’m hooked just like that! My dad was a self-proclaimed pinball champ in his youth LOL and now I have the bug.:My goal is to open some type of arcade lounge Retro some thing in north county San Diego just have to get the right location T2 was my first game I owned which was fitting as it was one of the games I grew up playing.:I really like jersey Jack games I think it’s amazing what they’re doing with pinball machines but I also like some of the older electro vibe games and everything in between..Apparently my midlife crisis at 40 years old is becoming addicted to pinball there’s worse things that could happen I am sure thanks for reading..

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