how I got into pinball

By tigzzz

January 12, 2021

43 days ago

When I was 9 we moved into a house in the suburbs and lived across the street from a guy who had the 7-11 route in Colorado. Back then all of the 7-11 stores had pinball machines and where just starting to get arcade games. He was always bringing games into his garage for repair or when he got new games they would be in the garage for a few weeks before he put them on location. I was lucky enough get to play some of the arcades before they even made it to the arcade. He was very patient with a kid that never stopped asking questions and started showing me how to do some of the basic matenence on games. At some point he switched all the pinballs out for arcade games and had a storage shed full of pins. He had an extra pin so he lent it to me. We stored it for him in our basement for years. I think he had forgotten about it. While it was down there I learned how to clean contacts and make some simple adjustments as well as change setting in the game. At some point my dad decided to buy a new house and move and we gave the game back. Fast forward about 41 years. I hadn't even thought of buying a pin and only played a game here and there at the movie theater or a restaurant if they had one, but my wife knew I liked pinball. She bought one for my birthday and surprised me with it. It was a Jungle Lord and had a few problems that I had to fix in order to play it. I spent a few days fixing it and was hooked. I have always had my nose into electronic repair, as a hobby and fixing pinball machine was just naturally even better I just didn't know. It was the best gift of my life because it opened a door to a new hobby and was so unexpected yet so perfect.

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