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55 days ago
What can be said about this game that hasn’t already been said? The game is a master piece. Well deserving of being the 2020 game of the year.

My only knock on the game is the video used the current version of the band rather than footage of them in their prime. Still, the assets this game has are simply off the charts. JJP hit a home run here.
6 months ago
Fantastic game, glad I took a chance on it.
9 months ago
A hard to find game here, even harder to find in decent shape. Out of the 600 Shrek machines out there the vast bulk of them were routed, not many true HUO examples on this title. This game if fun and collectible.

The mini-pinball machine within the machine is the big toy on this game. It’s a ton of fun and truly one of the greatest toys ever designed for a pinball machine. Good call outs peculiar to the mini pinball machine as well.

This game has great flow and combo ability (though the mini pinball machine is a good deal of stop and go and the transitional call outs consume more time than they should). Even though these playfield design was for Family Guy, it works great for Shrek as well.

The bad: the game plays a bit long on factory settings, you’ll need to open up the outlanes all the way and make the modes harder to start. The light show was made for incandescent bulbs, get a driver board for sure on this title.
1 year ago
Really glad I took a chance on this title. Superb game.
1 year ago
The first and only perfect score I have ever given a pinball machine. As things stand in July 2020, this game is everything a pinball machine should be and more. From the rules, to the shot selection, to the music, to the light show, to the IP assets, to ad ons Spooky provided such as the interactive topper that came with every game. The art work really pops in person.

Bravo to the entire team who put this masterpiece game together.
1 year ago
Not a terrible game, would put quarters into one on rout or play at a show. It really needed the lower playfield.
1 year ago
Superb game. Spooky has really turned a corner with TNA and ACNC, they make a quality game. The theme integration in ACNC is off the charts and this is a fantastically coded game.

The funny thing is I didn’t think I’d like the music on this pin at all as I’m not an AC fan...but the music is excellent and fits the mood of the game play perfectly. Wish I had the space to add this title to the collection.
1 year ago
This is easily the best version of this game. Too shallow to be a keeper even in a large collection, in my opinion, but the light show is superb...behind only WOZ, TNA, and ST in my book.
1 year ago
Solid game with a superb layout and exceptionally deep. I think they could have made the voice acting a bit better and the art is okay only, but the game play is superb.
2 years ago
Nice game. Would love to add one to the collection one day.
2 years ago
Fun for a play or two. The code let this one down a bit. Scoring is not balanced.
2 years ago
A superb game. The rules are not particularly intuitive is the only knock I have the game. Great theme integration though, truly a world under glass.
2 years ago
A super rare and fun classic Stern. Faster even than Quicksilver.
3 years ago
Great game. Amazing layout. My big hit on this title is the code does not feel very intuitive. Also, the game has some scoring balance issues. That said, this is a superb game everyone should enjoy.
3 years ago
Cool game. Shots are tight, about like Avengers. I’m not a huge fan of Houdini as a theme but AP did a good job with this game.
3 years ago
What an amazing game. The best sound system I have heard in Pinball and the music itself is incredible. If you appreciate a good light show like I do this game certainly gives Stern’s Star Trek and JJP’s WOZ a major run for their money (in fact, I think it is a superior light show to either).

This game plays fast and has a lot of clever code nuances that really set it apart from other machines. The fact that the ball has no shots that really safely return the ball to your flipper gives this game a constant feeling of the ball being in jeopardy. The multiball stealing and quick ball times make this the best multiplayer game I’ve seen.

I really could go on and on gushing about TNA.
3 years ago
Played the version with European code adding the skill shot and ball save. Thought the game played really great. Wonderful tourney game.
4 years ago
Probably my favorite EM layout. Good game.
4 years ago
Interesting shot geometry. Really a neat game when fully working. I like the left Outlane gap and the ability to save or lose the ball there. Really kind of cool. Nice game, theme is not for me personally so I'll never own it but it is fun to play.
4 years ago
I’ve had a lot more time with this title and an updatingnmy rating. The shots are tight but are findable. The music is jazz based and far more diverse than I initially thought it was. The rule set is linear sure but there is a lot of balance to it and the deeper you go your score starts going up exponentially. Never count someone out of the frey in this game.
4 years ago
This game keeps growing on me.
4 years ago
MM shows its age these days.
5 years ago
Game could use a couple minor code tweaks and the dot matrix display can be almost unviewable without the color dmd upgrade.

Other than the above, this game kicks major butt. Really great playing machine that is fast and furious.
5 years ago
So, this game is exceptionally fast and has amazing sounds, lightshow, rules and a wonderful layout.

Many rare games like this are rare because they weren't that good, such is not the case with Quicksilver, it's rare because Stern was going under as a company but this is easily classic Stern's best playing game.

This is a game worth finding and playing. Phenominal tournament quality game.
5 years ago
Great theme and cool theme integration. I have the LE and I'm not a huge fan of the characters on the backglass but the artwork itself is top flight. The game looks great and plays great. The upper playfield might be my favorite one any machine (better even than FGY). It will be in my collection for many years.

The video mode is a total fail...
5 years ago
Somewhat of a one trick pony in my view.
5 years ago
This is a fairly early rating, I have about fifteen games on the machine. This machine looks like it will be a top ge for years to come, phenomenal layout by the king. The artwork has been much discussed, I don't find it bad at all. The game shoots and flows great. Good light show that would be ranked higher in my view if another version of this game did not have an even better light show.
5 years ago
Gorgeous game. The light show is my primary beef and it isn't as fast as Sterns of the same era (I'm looking at you Dragonfist and Quicksilver). I would absolutely have one of these in my collection if the right one came along.
6 years ago
Had some more time on one of these. Not sure why I had it rated so low before, really nice classic Stern.
6 years ago
No mirrored backglass was a big no no for an LE in this day and age. Also, thought the light show was step backwards on the LE from Star Trek.

That said, the rules are pretty good and the layout is really cool; big thumbs up in actual game play and fun.
6 years ago
Certainly not a bad game. It is collectible and is unlikely to ever get the reproduction treatment . . . so an "investment" is as safe as in any other true collectible.
6 years ago
Spent some time on this game recently and enjoyed it much more than I did originally when playing one at a show. Good shot geometry. I wish there was a way to stop the animations, but this machine had a good layout.
6 years ago
Very fun and fast game. Love the back box play. Suffers from a bad art package and not many call outs but that is due to the era it was made. I'd have one in my collection if I had room.
6 years ago
Game feels incomplete code wise. Perhaps the rules are just shallow. Good art package. Decent lighting for its times. Satisfying shots. I would not have this game in my collection but enjoy it she. I play it.
6 years ago
Ball times are too long. Game really can't be played as a multi player for this reason. Good call outs though.
6 years ago
Good game. Shows it's age into the modern work of pinball though. Needs better lighting too.
6 years ago
What is good? Amazing dots. Great sound effects. Phenomenal music. Good layout. Great magnet action. Solid theme integration. I like the call outs on latest code a great deal. Lots of modes and solid stacking.

What is not good? The mirrored translight does not look as nice as a mirrored backglass. The light show is not as good as the one on Star Trek. The left ramp is STEEP, can interfere with flow but does add a bit of excitement in its own right.
7 years ago
One of my favorite pre-dmd games. Brutal fast; would fit in well in any collection.
7 years ago
If you can get past the horrific music and speech (I don't understand how some people enjoy this aspect of the game?) this game is really something special. Probably my favorite playfield layout from the pre-dmd era and that says a lot; this game is a ton of fun (just play without the music).
7 years ago
Good game but the light show is a bit under whelming. I always put some coin in this game when one is available though.
7 years ago
So, I'm now an owner of this game (for the past six weeks) and am changing up my ratings after a lot of play. This is currently my favorite game. The king of flow really did it with this game. The light show is phenomenal.

The code is great. The coding on the shaker may be integrated better than even Tron or IM was. Perfect shaker integration. The only issue with the coding is there are still some features on the game that don't do anything so it still feels incomplete.

I like the Bones call outs, they fit.

The shots are rewarding. This is a great game.
7 years ago
This is a rare and fun game. If you are lucky enough to find one, play it awhile, very charming game with amazing artwork.
7 years ago
Great game now with much better code. Thanks Stern.
7 years ago
Very cool game. Neat lighting effects in the era before rgb lighting. The game is shallow and should be set up to be brutal with open outlanes and a short ball save and hard to start multiballs. Shot layout is great. Music is cool. Sounds are cool. Play field toys are cool. Well made game before stern seemingly started skimping on material costs.

Game needed some more rules but this game was filled with good ideas.
7 years ago
If you are a fan of EM's this game is tough to beat. Great theme; shame they didn't have other WWII themes. Fantastic art package and solid game play.
7 years ago
Very cool EM machine. Only had three games on it but it was a big hit at the Houston Arcade Expo.
7 years ago
Gee, what can you say about this game. It is a lot of fun and is really cool . . . but it is just not a game you would want in your lineup unless you had a monster size collection or were in the hobby primarily to bring games to shows. I do like the way the game looks though; if you have more than 20 games it is certainly something different.
8 years ago
I have totally new respect for this game after playing it hard wired in with another in head to head mode. Easily the best head to head game I have ever played in pinball. Good bye Joust as the head to head king in my book. The artwork is still bad though . . .
8 years ago
This is a fun game and I like the music and voice work. I don't really like the way it scores for a variety of reasons but the theme is great and the shot layout is interesting. Good solid B/W mid 90's game here.
8 years ago
Terrible movie. Great game!
8 years ago
Great game. Plays faster than the LE/Premium. Those cannon shots are actually hard to hit with the stand up targets. I like the gameplay better without the lower playfield personally but obviously the light show is way better on the Premium.
8 years ago
A surprisingly well lit game with an awful lot to do for an early 80's game. The backglass is one of the best in pinball. The game is missing the Queen soundtrack and it would have fit in really good with the game . . . the technology when this game was released didn't really support full songs so it is what it is.

This games shot lay out in some ways reminds me of Black Knight. Flash Gordon is a good playing and good looking game; I'm glad so many are around and available...I wish more would get restored to their former glory.
8 years ago
Interesting old Stern game. The entire game is about getting the multi ball started. Really a very good Stern; I see a lot of the same elements here that are in Catacomb. I think Flight 2000 also plays pretty darn quick for a wide body game. Quick enough to have four player games and keep everyone engaged.

One of the funner earlier Sterns; fantastic backglass.
8 years ago
Great Borg game. If you like Borg's other games you will like this one. Funny too.
8 years ago
I really dig the music on this pin and how it changes so subtlety when you advance the raft. Great layout, really novel. Nothing else really like this game. Though I’m not a huge fan of the theme the theme is very well integrated.

* I’ve updated my rating. This is a game I wouldn’t mind owning a second time, the rules are great and it is well balanced scoring. Very well polished game.
8 years ago
Neat game. I'm not a fan of the theme but the shot layout is good and the dots are some of the best from the 90's (maybe the best). The artwork is also too notch. This game would go well with any collection.
8 years ago
What can really be said about this game? It is a novelty game and the best attention getter you will ever see. I have no idea how heavy it is but it is simply huge. It doesn't play well, but it is themed great and is fun to play. The artwork is okay. I've only seen this game at shows and it always has people playing it and if a TV camera is around you can bet Hercules is in the background.

A rare game, I would like to have one to bring to shows . . . if I could have someone else deal with loading it, transporting it, unloading it, and then bringing it back for me.
8 years ago
What can be said about Freddy? Well, it has an open playfield with surprisingly good flow and the creepy jump rope girls sing the "1-2 Freddy's after you" song. I actually find the game more funny than scary; of course the Freddy movies really became more funny than scary after the first one so the theme matched great. The claw save is really well integrated and fun. This is a reasonable bang for your buck pin I feel.

The ball times on the game is a little too long and the dots are simply not very good. This is not the most exciting game to watch other people play. The artwork is okay for what it is depicting but I expected more from it. The game is also poorly lit; not an impressive light show.

The main toy (Freddy's face) is integrated well into the game play and i enjoy watching the balls be regurgitated at you but if any game ever screamed for great magnet action it is one based on this theme. XMen style magnet action in with this theme would have been awesome.

Anyway, good game, but not one I would ever consider having in my collection. Doesn't look good enough or play good enough to warrant taking up a spot.
8 years ago
Talk about a unique and rare game. It is a shame more of these were not made as they would fit in a lot of places where you simply can't put a regular pin. I think the game is fun and the shots are challenging. The downers with this game is it is obviously very simple and it is not a good multiplayer game or particularly a good game for someone to watch someone else play. I'd like one in my collection anyway though.
8 years ago
Solid system 11 game. One I wouldn't mind in my collection if it was collector quality. The art package is great and has a good shot lay out. My only issue is the rules or shallow (even for a system 11) and the light show is somewhat disappointing (which shouldn't be the case as it is a well lit game overall).
8 years ago
JPops best game, by far.
8 years ago
Safe Cracker is a fun game that can fit in tight spots (which is good, since that is what I had for it). It designed to be a bar game and the call outs are very "adult" to say the least. I think the game has fantastic humor.

I view the board game as being attune to a video mode which was popular in the 90's, only it is far cooler than a video mode. You can't call yourself a pinball player till you earn a magic token and have it roll down the glass and pop into your hand. The Assault the Vault mode after you earn a token is really cool. A timed mode that will kill your flippers when you run out of time.

I want to try this game with the one inch diameter balls. I have not done this but heard it is awesome. Will probably give it try next year like that.

If you see this game some where, play it. It is really cool and there is a lot of stuff packed on that playfield.
8 years ago
I had to substantially adjust my rating upwards after playing a well conditioned, LED'd, dialed in version of the game. Played smooth and flowed way better than I remembered. A lot of fun shots with a lot of good variation and ability to backhand most shots. Well thought out game and the theme has grown on me.
8 years ago
Great wide body game. This game will make you a better pinball player. Everything you need to learn about pinball you can learn on this machine; nudging, passing, everything. Amazing artwork; my third favorite backglass in pinball (if only it was mirrored it may be No. 1 in my view).
8 years ago
Great classic game. Shows its age though.
8 years ago
Solid game. Rules still need some work and those ramps are steep. The pro and the LE both have their pluses; obviously the lighting is better on the LE but the flow is better on the pro.

Edit: So, I've had more time on this machine now and played a pro that was pimped out with LED lighting a shaker motor. Wow, I really like the pro version of this machine a lot. It is better than the premium or LE in my view (I'm not an owner of either). It doesn't have the hammer blocking your view or the hammer mechanism hurting the shot on Sparky. The game just plays better as a pro and with the LED's you just don't miss the color changing LED's as much as I was expecting. The pro Metallica is one of the funnest games I have played and the code still needs improvement...it will only get better from here.
8 years ago
Now my fifth time rating this game. I've now had a bunch of time on the title and really feel this is either the best or second best wide body game ever made (TZ is right up there with it). Certainly plays fast with how I have it set up.

I'm not a fan of the theme but the theme integration is some of the best in pinball. The music is not so bad, but could have used more verity...it is repetitive. This is a shooters pin. I highly recommend this game to people who were on the fence due to the theme, it's cool.
8 years ago
Currently my favorite game, as of the writing of this review. Just an all around top game with great shots, great rules, great theme, great intigration, great flow, great toys.

TAF just has the "it" factor, like Tron does two decades later.
8 years ago
Solid game. Under rated by many. I've only played one example of this and it was the brightest LED job I had ever seen. Almost had to get out the wielding helmet to play it. That said, I put about ten games on it (which I think is the minimum to rate a game) and found it to be a lot of fun.

A solid game to play; I would not add it to my personal collection though.
8 years ago
Fun game. Good humor. Use to be one of my favorites ten years ago. Starting to show its age now but it is certainly a great pin for beginners or people new to the hobby learning pinball.
8 years ago
What a challenging game, be scared of the pops on this game. So much to do, best game rules for an early 90’s game (tied with TAF in that department). Unique layout with tons of shots. Really not much to criticize, not my favorite light show I suppose.

The more I play this game the more I like it. I think this is my fourth time adjusting my rating of the game in the last month. Such a diverse and complete machines filled with idea after idea.
8 years ago
This is easily the most fun early Bally SS. Love the theme. Stunning artwork. Great light show for a game of this era as well.
8 years ago
There is more to this game than hype and good looks. Only have about ten plays on it buy this is a fun game with good humor and the adult the,e and adult call outs are unmatched.
8 years ago
Great looking game. Plays fast and is challenging too. Wonderful example of an early solid state. Wouldn't look bad in any collection.

The rule set in this game is really very fun. I normally am not a huge fan of flippers in the upper part of the playfield that are used to hit targets but for some reason it flows well with this game. Set the game at a high pitch for maximum speed.
8 years ago
For a game that is over 30 years old this sucker is amazing. Best looking backglass I have ever seen by a wide margin; it is a piece of art. The playfield is also amazing and if anyone doesn't like the sounds of this game . . . well then . . . they never heard it.

I'd like a collectors quality version in my collection for sure; not easy to find one in good condition.
8 years ago
Another really solid game from Stern. The shots are on the tight side, making this game extremely challenging. Also, the music is just not up to par with AC/DC, Tron, or XMen as far as the sound and music package is concerned. In all other respects though this game is great and I can't wait for more code updates to come rolling out. This game will only get better. EDIT: after another month or so of play the tightness of the shots are bothering me a bit more than originally. I still think this is a great game but I think you need to be an expert level pinball player to really get a lot out of this machine...the shots are just extremely tight and hurt flow.
8 years ago
Revised rating: I still really like this game but its lastability with me is taking a hit. It isn't the first game I gravitate to when it is in a room now.

So, I've played a lot of ACDC. The flow is great; the shots are satisfying. Everyone knows AC/DC is a great game.

What stops it from being a top five game for me? The lower playfield is not fun. The artwork is poor (Luci improved it greatly). The cannon obstructs view. Sometimes the game has cheap drains even when leveled properly.
9 years ago
Played this game a few times out in the wild. Doesn't deserve the harsh criticism it receives, but I wouldn't add it to my small collection.
9 years ago
I played the one at Joystix. It was well maintained and surprised me by how much fun it was. Also, the rules were easy to understand and I was almost immediatly able to develop strategies, which is not common. I was not a fan of the video mode (and I am usually a video mode fan) but other than that I really have no complaints about the game play; machine has a lot of diversity.
9 years ago
This game now has complete code. This game has everything anyone would want in pinball. It has a great layout and is very much a shooter's pin. It reminds me more of SM than Tron or IM with regards to ball times, which surprised me. This game is going to have some long ball times for better players. Great toys, great music, best art package from Stern to date, great call outs; this could be the best Stern ever if they get the rules right.

Re-rated in light of the new rules. The rule set is still not perfect, could use some more tweaking, but this game is now a ton of fun and worth checking out again if you were one of the ones who wrote it off at some point during its first eight months of existence.

Re-rated this game a third time. This is now the game I play the most and I'm enjoying the combos and flow. I never thought I'd like a game more than Tron but XMen is the real deal. Get the Iceman mod, very cool. Worried the magnets are not protected enough long term.
9 years ago
I've only played a routed version. The game has a bit too much stop and go for me but you can speed it up simply enough or take a breather and enjoy the animation, which is pretty good on this pin. The multi-ball is simply wild; obviously the coolest feature of the pin. I would call this a stop and go shooters pin.
9 years ago
An exceptionally rare game and was Bally's first game to use the then new DMD platform. Also, it was the last of the "party" games. Unique and has a lot of humer and good art work. The ramps could live with some better design work as they sometimes seem to struggle to keep control of the ball, at least on mine (I've seen others in worse condition that don't suffer from that problem).
9 years ago
Great theme and great artwork. A very good looking game (I played a modded version that probably looked even better than the stock version). I am not a fan of the music of this game and I do not think there was a lot of thought placed in the animations. I thought the rules were okay, I don't know why so many complain about the rules; they were simple but quickly understandable. I only have about 15 games in on this machine; perhaps if I played it more I would uncover the issue with the rules.
9 years ago
As perfect of a pin as I have played to date. Only the low resolution of the cabnit stops this game from receiving the only perfect 10 rating I have ever given. The game is fast, flows great, and is deep . . . obviously it both looks and sounds great as well. This game is knock out all around and has single handedly risen the bar of what I expect out of pinball machines. Give it a shot and you won't be disapointed.
9 years ago
This is one machine where I agree with my wife. Rudy is creepy. That is not why I ranked it so low though...it generally just feels like an old machine. Also, I really do not like the lighting or music.
9 years ago
To this day I find this to be the most technologically advanced pinball machine and it is such a shame that the Pinball 2000 platform ended. This game is personally in my top 15.

A lot to do, great music, great art, satisfying shots, just on the whole a fun top game. Also, it is just so different from other machines that it fits well in any collection. Many people say you need a big collection for an RFM, I disagree - in my collection of four games at the moment RFM sees a lot of regular action. Guests love this game as well.
9 years ago
Great game. I wish it would be re-run. My only complaint is with the lighting. The newer Sterns like Tron and AC/DC with the color changing LED's are starting to make SM look a little dated; but this game holds its own with great flow, great code, great custom dots; great call outs; and good music. The Black SM has a nice mirrored backglass that looks almost as good as the XMen backglass.
9 years ago
Tron Pro is a great game. Plays just like the LE other than the drop targets and a little extra on the LE. Obviously misses the lighting on the ramps, but this is probably the single most modded game in all of pinball and the modded up ones are amazing.

This game looks great, sounds great, and plays great. An amazing effort by Borg and Stern.
12 years ago
There is a bar in New Orleans near Bourbon Street called "Gold Mine". The place is like a little musuem of arcade games. RBI baseball, donkey kong jr, Off Road, etc. It has two pinballs. Attack from Mars and Guns and Roses; while I agree Attack from Mars is a better game, the Guns and Roses machine is played a lot more. Always busy, when its working.
12 years ago
Only Iron Man makes for a better tournament game. I wish the art package was a bit better.

Fantastic video mode. Great theme integration.
12 years ago
This is a very well rounded game that everyone should play. Some of the newer Sterns are starting to make this game look a bit old, but the color DMD is buying it some time.

Edit: upon much further playing, there are not enough paths to point to justify any strategy beyond attacking the castles. Rule rating therefore takes a hit in my view.
12 years ago
The team play feature is awesome. Really adds a lot to the social aspects of pinball. Really a fun wide body game.
12 years ago
I have had this game for 20 years; it has what I view as the best video mode in all of pinball (at least, the most meaningful video mode in terms of how it affects game play). The shots are tough and if you leave the lightening flippers on the game can be a drain monster. Fun game, but this gem from 1992 is starting to show its age somewhat sadly...be that as it may, it would never leave my collection.