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12 years ago
Its too bad when a game gets trashed just because of the theme. Believe me, no one hates the board game Monopoly more than me. However, for some reason this theme works really well in a pin. The theme is integrated really well with the board in the middle and the object to move around collecting properties. The sounds and music are charming - and the artwork is pleasing. The only gripe about the the lack of artwork in some areas.
There are plenty of shots, including 4 ramps, but its doesn't really ever feel cluttered for how many shots there are.
I'm a bit dissapointed that currently there are no rules on how to increase the regular multiball jackpot or rail road jackpot. That aside, I like the rules and the modes are fun.
Overall this is a very fun game.
13 years ago
I was pleasently suprised how much I liked playing this game (now own) as I am typical drawn to flow games. There is something very cool about this game that makes it addictive. There is more to the upper playfield than I realized with 4 possible outcomes, all having there own benefits (back to plunger leads to multiplied vector values, back to inlane advances scoring in a particular shot, dropping into bumbers increases energy value....). For a system 11 game I am satisfied with the depth of the rules.
The music and sounds are over the top cool. The look of the game is great with a cool space theme.
13 years ago
A very well rounded game that has a deep ruleset, plenty of shots, and a cool theme imo. Both ramps are exciting, has 3 spinners, drop targets and a captive ball amoung other features. The DMD animations are great and plenty of variety amoung the many modes.
The theme isn't for everybody, and yes the cackling can get old. My other gripe is that multiball is too easy to start (typical for DE). Other than that, this is going to be in my collection for a very long time.
13 years ago
Now that the code has been updated (currently at 2.5 at this time of writing this) this is a great all around game. The depth is there, but still very fun for casual players and there is much to do and see.

I was put off at first at the ramps, I typically like long smooth sweeping ramps. However, hitting those things back to back is very satisfying and getting combos going is a rush. The layout in general is very thought out and flow is there.

Overall a great game that is fun and challenging
13 years ago
Not a bad game - but probably the most over rated game on this site (currently 21). This is not even a top 50 game in my opinion.
However, there are aspects that are fun and the theme is done well. I just don't like the flow of the game and find the top half of the playfield a cluttered mess.
13 years ago
One of the best horror themed games. shots are pleasing to make and always get you closer to some mode. Integrated the Dracula theme very well into a pin.

Only thing I feel is missing is an overall goal or wizard mode. However, can't go wrong for the price this game goes for.
13 years ago
A very deep game that has a ton of shots. My one gripe is that unless you memorize what shot each character is for the 'fellowship multiball', it can be hard to know what shot you need for the last one or two characters.
some really cool modes with combo shots and good displays. A few wizard modes to pull it all together.
I would love to own this.
13 years ago
I'm not sure that I would have played this in a line up of other stern games, but I got a chance to get into it since there is one close to me at work and its the only one there (like most places it seems). While not drawn to the theme right away, its actually a good pin and the theme works well with certain shots buying vowels and spinning the wheel. I like the drop targets that eventually open up a ramp, the 'free spin' outlanes and the flow is good. Bottom line is - it keeps me coming back for more because it is fun and challenging.
13 years ago
Got a chance to play this along side of 5 other Stern games from the last 3 years and after playing them all, this one ended up taking most of my quarters. I like the fast flow of the game and the cool music and sound effects fit right in. Ramps are fun, lots of modes, and just an all around fun playfield.
13 years ago
My favorite sports related pinball game. Shooting goals is a blast, and the assist is a nice touch. ramps are plently and the playfield layout is interesting. Not a Soccar fan, but this game kept me coming back for more.
13 years ago
If I were to get a pre-dot matrix game, it would either be this or funhouse. Very cool game.
13 years ago
A fun game and the playfield is intreguing to me. I like the number of modes that are true to the theme. Drop targets are fun, and it doesn't get much better than shooting the open death star.

For the bad...
I think this is a game that is more fun in a personal collection than played in an arcade. I only say that because the default settings make the ramp to point heavy. After a few adjustments (even to the right flipper to avoid repeated shots), this game feels totally different and much more balanced. I still play this alot after owning it for sometime now.
13 years ago
After about a year I got a little bored with the ruleset - not the deepest. However thats not to say it is easy, far from it. There are two main thing to work for (5th gear and locking balls for mult ball) - and both of the modes for those are very similar. A few extra modes would have really made it for me.
Exellent use of the shifter: launching ball, video mode, and during gameplay.
I also like the traditional approach of the game physically showing the player how many balls are locked on the ramp.
Last but not least, the super charger is a blast.
13 years ago
A fun game and a theme that appeals to many. Multiball is the main focus and fortunately is a solid mode with more to do than just hit a jackpot shot (increase multiplier, movie madness, monster madness). Move your car and the video mode are perfect for the theme and fun.
Very challenging as well, I still have never gotten the super jackpot.
However, there are a lot of 'modes' that are simple time based modes where you gets alot of points for hitting a ramp or target (unlimited mil, big mil, intermission time). They just seem so uninspired compared to the modes that shine well with the theme.
The sound and playfield art is solid - very fun to just look at it sometimes.
Overall, you have to like stop and go games to really enjoy this over a long period of time - I did get bored with it being my only pin after about a year. But even with that, I will probably never sell it.
13 years ago
This is a very fun game with alot of variety in shots and modes. There are plenty of other things to go for other than the main objectives such as gold rush or hot foot.
I personally like ramps so this is the game for me. Alot of people complain about the music but I was surprised how much I didn't even notice - fits the theme well. My only grip with the sounds is the boulder bash - I thought something was wrong with it but thats just how it is, it makes the sounds if you hits the pops or not.
Overall a very fun game.

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