"Payoff" Flipper-less Pinball Machines

"Payoff" Flipper-less Pinball Machines

By TheVillageSlade

April 14, 2018

8 months ago

In 1965 I was first introduced to a flipper-less style of pinball machine used for gambling. There were 25 holes which were protected by pegs. Th object was to launch a ball and attempt to land it into specific holes, which were grouped into winning combinations. Players could insert lots of coins into the machine to gain greater payouts for winning and options to move the screen. When the screen was moved, different winning combinations were revealed. Winning was achieved by either 3, 4, or 5 balls landing in the desired line, colored sections, or group. Games were awarded onto a counter and could be sold to the proprietor. Can anyone tell me what these machines were named and where one might be available?

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7 months ago
They are called Bingo Pinballs. You're right, they were payoff machines. We had one in a Jim's Fried Chicken where my brother worked in 1967. I played the hell out of that machine!!!!My crowning moment came when I won 600 games one day. If you showed the games on the counter to the owner, he would give you 5 cents per game. I won $30.00! I remember buying a new cylinder and piston for my little Harley 165 cc two stroke with the winnings. I was in high cotton that day.
There is one here in Walker,La. right now on Craigslist Baton Rouge. It's in real bad shape, he started out at 350.00, is now down to 300.00. Really it's not worth much of anything, though. When I went to look at it about 2 months ago, it was only good for a few parts.
7 months ago
Now I remember what machine it was 1957 Bally Sun Valley

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