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2 years ago
OK, I know this game is not aimed at me as the target audience. This is a mini game for kids. This is a great game for dollar game betting among partying adults though. Very well done. I actually enjoy playing it. It is much harder than you think.
2 years ago
Pinbot is a brutal system 11 game. The sounds and lighting are very well done for a game of that era. Build quality is also solid.
2 years ago
I designed the game and I could not be more proud of the final result. Everything that I wanted in the game made it to the production version. There are even a few things that were made better in the production version than the whitewood concept. I truly, in my eyes think this is a 10/10 pinball machine. I worked extremely hard on the music to really make people feel like they were in the game. Please give this machine a shot in real life, the videos do not do it justice. :) Also, thank you to everyone that helped make this project possible. <3
6 years ago
Been playing for quite some time and now with the availability of the Eli Ramp Kit, this game is just outstanding!!!
8 years ago
BSD is a great game! It will punish you for not making shots. It keeps you coming back for more.
8 years ago
I have been playing funhouse for years! It is a great game that I could never see leaving my collection.