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2 years ago
This can be a super ball busting game but the rules are pretty perfect. Modes, multikills, & MBs are all done very well.
Nit picking wise; the ball out out of pops can be a bit of a bitch, even when set up correctly. But hey, you learn some great ball dig skills that way.
Things that don't bother me that may bother you; the audio.
The whole "Bubba" thing doesn't bother me at all. I'd rather listen to Bubba than Rick very aboot "Coral" all day.
3 years ago
Least favorite game I've ever owned. Truly horrid and devoid of interest. I got it to practice double flipper machines and didn't enjoy playing it once.
The Backglass is the best part aboot it by far. Pass
3 years ago
Solid game packed with nice shots.
Overall there is a ton of things going on with a lot of cool bonii, secret combos, etc. For me though they just don't really add up to a super cohesive overall fun time like Maiden did. Cool you can pick your path, diff'rent dinos give diff'rent perks etc etc but at the end of the day for me it's catching Dinosaurs the same way over and over.
I feel like the pro raptor pit just isn;t that cool and it takes up a decent chunk of real estate.
4 years ago
Pretty close to perfect really; great variety, rules, layout.
The music sucks but the call outs are great so you can turn them up/down independently in the menus so that helps a lot.
4 years ago
I was REALLY impressed when playing a remake for the first time this weekend.
It's just like the original, but brand new and it has me considering picking up a classic.

Bigger screen is great
Updated animations are top quality, a huge diff'rence
Plays just like the OG to me

The upper models add a ton of clown puked lighting and it is horrendous. Looks like a newb bought their first pin and spend $200 adding LEDs for god knows what reason. I've been told you can switch that off in the menu though but not sure.
With the bigger screen the animations have been updated with tiny dots and it looks fantastic, but when it switches back to the score the pixels go back to being 5x the size, it's a little weird and doesn't look right.
Gotta move up to a bigger model if you want the bigger screen. That's just business but I'd much rather have a classic with big screen.
7 years ago
The looks, sounds, lighting are top notch for sure, but I'm not the type of Pinsider that likes to sit around and look at me games; I play them and this one isn't a lot of fun.
It's a really tough game, and it forces you to take your time and think aboot every shot; many people are looking for exactly that when they buy a game and would love it, but that's not my bag.
Feel like this is a great multi player game, but playing by yourself isn't very fun and nothing aboot the game is very rewarding to me. The layout has some cool ideas, but also wasted opportunities. left scoop rejects a lot, the right hole is barely used other than the negative reinforcement video mode which is some of the most boring time I've spent playing any machine ('s worse than GOTs!).
So it lasted 2 months in my house which is really quick. Kind of neat, got some good things going for it, no need to own it. Fine for tourneys, but home use not needed.
8 years ago
This is a great EM. Art is fantastic, layout is great with upper flipper, 4 player; it has it all.
8 years ago
It's an interesting and fun game for awhile, but it is not a keeper for me.
Sounds/lights/dots are some of the best ever, non pinheads & your lady will eat it up so on that end it's a good pin to own. But play wise, it does get old, and it gets annoying. Super heavy on locking in a good jackpot score and then just jackpot city...too many jackpots. All the little things like exploring the sewer, collecting equipment, that all sounds great but it isn't integrated well enough in the scoring to make it worth the time. And that's not even going into being able to bet all your points in roulette which, again, doesn't work as well as you think it will. Mechanically it's a bit of a bear to deal with because of the reels, and the constant abuse the center ramp takes which cannot be replaced anymore. It's a fun one for awhile, and I really wanted to love it, but I put up a huge score on it one night and literally never had any want/need to play it again after.
8 years ago
Classic game. Simple rule set, impossible to master.
10 years ago
I have had a lot of fun playing this game. Not a fan of the band itself, so only hearing 1 song instead of changing the song for modes/scoring, is actually a good thing for me.
Layout is cool, inline drops are nice, like the diff'rent multiballs., and the animations are above par for recent Sterns. Playfield artwork is for sure a welcome addition from the cut & pastes recently.

Weak spots are the call outs, music, backglass & cabinet looks pretty cheesy, and of course rules aren't complete yada yada.

Anyway, much better than I was expecting.
10 years ago
A solid game for sure but I've never been a huge fan of it. I find the sounds of the game to be the worst part. Annoying and repedative. Has the clasic lawlor layout, but I'd rather play Whirlwind or RBION instead.
10 years ago
Classic game that never seems to get old. Great rules, shots, flow, fun, funny it has it all.
Vacation Jackpot is a tough one to get to and that's a good thing.
VUK sound effect can get annoying as it happens a lot.
11 years ago
Dirty Harry is a fun interesting game with some unique shots in it. Awesome bang for your buck game. The average player will really enjoy it and friends that come over will love it. For the advanced player it can become a bit tedious, and can have some seriously long ball/game times; No shortage of EBs. Wizard mode isn't that hard to get to, but hard to do well in, which is good thing for both types of players. And everyone likes a gun to shoot.
The art, voice work, and animations can go in either the pros or cons category. Has a very distinct look to it which can be off putting at first, but it's uniqueness I think is a plus. Eastwood's voice overs are pretty poor, but somehow so poor they are campy and grow on you...with the exception of Harry's never ending quest for hot dogs. Animations are probably the lowest point.
Has a Midnight Madness mode which is a plus.
11 years ago
I'm in the minority here but probably my least favorite DMD game. Dull and lifeless and boring as heck. Depressing to play and the layout is weak. Maybe if it had W/B or Sega flippers in it I would be able to enjoy is a bit more, but Gottleib parts & play don't do it for me.
Love the movie and the TV series', but this game is just painful for me to play.
11 years ago
Not near my favorite Ritchie title, and near the bottom of his resume'. It's a great looking game, but the play is luckluster. Under Playfield is a good idea and looks cool, but pretty basic and boring.
I haven't been a fan of any of the Stern Music titles and this is no exception.
Canon isn't the best looking thing, and don't like the way it obscures the lane.
I gave it a lot of plays hoping it would grow on me, but no dice. I only play it now when made to .
Not a bad game, but not a great one either.
11 years ago
The "3-D" backglass is the best part of the game, and that isn't even good. 1 ramp, know what it isn't even worth my time to review it, and my time isn't worth much.
11 years ago
Lawlor's last game to date. Either he was half way out the door on this one, or it made him retire. It is DREADFUL. Shots are boring, gameplaty boring, looks bad, sounds bad; sad.
11 years ago
Great machine with a very simple layout, wide open and easy to understand for everyone. Perfectly weighted to complete the task to Rule the Universe. I'll take it over MM.
11 years ago
Perfect example of a game that doesn't have to have action figures glued to it, magnets, a DMD, or really any depth to it to be fun.
Somewhat basic by today's standards, it really doesn't matter as such a simple rule set and great shots make this game addictive and fun over and over. Also it's a great game for all different levels of players, if you like to entertain at your house.
11 years ago
Great game that I have never tired of.
Lot going on in this game with the trunk, clock, modes, trap door etc. Some of the best music and voice work I've heard, although some people are annoyed by it.
I read a lot people get tired of hitting the trunk over and over but hey, it's only pinball, which is nothing more than repeating shots. These same people usually love AFM & MM, which you have to bash the center Endlessly.
It isn't perfect, the Wizard mode is pretty soft, but it isn't the easiest thing getting there (not the hardest either), but maybe all Wizard modes don't have to be super tough.
11 years ago
Very Solid game overall. Playfield could be a little more exciting, and the music can wear on you a bit, but there is a lot to love. Good video mode, 2 guns, kickback (which is needed with those low posts), multiballs are good, some of the best voice clips in any game.
Obviously it helps a lot being a Star Trek fan and if you're not it can take a rating down, which is understandable.
11 years ago
This one pretty much has it all, a perfect balancing of everything. 3 video modes, multiballs, path of adventure, smart software, and maybe my favorite Wizard mode. Not much i can say about this close to perfect as games can come.
11 years ago
I retired from pinball when Bally/Williams did. When i started to get back into it I played some newer Sterns and wasn't impressed at all, then I ran into this game and it really got me back into the hobby. First game in years that I would always find time to go out and play. Classic Lawlor layout, good ruleset and modes with multiballs mixed in perfectly.
The gem matrix is little iffy, it can be a little "Stop & Go,"and perhaps the backglass is so bad it actually becomes endearing.

UPDATE: After a year of owning this it, this is the game I gravitate to most in my collection.
11 years ago
Whirlwind was one of the first games I started getting better than other people at, and I will always have a soft spot for it. Classic Lawlor design with a great theme and sounds. All time great!
11 years ago
Monster Bash is a great game. Task based game is easy to pick up and with 2 levels of Wizard modes it's easy to have a good game. Expanding the "martian" bomb theme 6 fold for the different creatures gives a nice extra angle in game play. Not much to dislike about this game.
I'll split this and Indiana Jones having the best replay animations & sounds also, not that that factors in much.
11 years ago
My #1 game. I would never sell mine. From the first time I played it when it came out I have never gotten bored of it.
11 years ago
Tron is a classic game that you rarely get sick of playing. It's almost perfect in every way, but the as much work as it takes to get to Portal, the mode is a total letdown. Great wizard modes aren't easy to come up with, and this one falls pretty flat when you finally get there. luckily it doesn't happen often so you won't be upset that much:)
11 years ago
Given it a lot of plays and it just seems "flat." Not impressed at all. It's not horrible, but very basic in a not good way. It has speed, so if that impresses you this is the game.

Edit years later: its a bitch burner. Cock kicker. I've grown to respect it more over the years. Can be frustrating but I realize now it's in a good way. Respect is due.

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