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3 years ago
Classic Arnold. T2 will not disappoint. Challenging game and very enjoyable.
3 years ago
Classic....though I may just have a lot nostalgia from my N64 days. Music is repetitive and will get sick in your head! Satellite shot for 5 ball multiball is rewarding though I found it to be too much of a focus on the game. Enjoyable pin though and especially for those who have a multiple pins.
3 years ago
Ok, so maybe this is not the "must have" Arnold pin. BUT...It is a very fun pin to play. So the theme sucks, we all know that. Take that out of the equation and this is a very fun pin that is affordable.

The Movie = 5
The Pin = 7 but slap a different theme to it, I would put it at a solid 8
Fun Factor = 9
3 years ago
Very enjoyable game that is super fun. I like how you can pick your mission. There are a ton of mod options out there that allow you to customize your pin however you deem appropriate (though not necessary to enjoy of course). I will have this pin in my basement soon I hope!
3 years ago
What a classic. Extremely fun pin that keeps you coming back for more.
3 years ago
I have played many machines but this was my first pinball purchase. Very challenging game with a number of objectives to go for and keep you busy. Love the wide body and the shaker on this pin is intense. All of the mini games within the game are entertaining both in voice overs as well as on the dmd. Family friendly with a slight redneck feel to it. Both my wife and 7 year daughter like playing it. I believe this is a highly underrated pin and feel it will not get boring anytime soon! I will be back to edit this review in a couple of months!